Supergirl Actor Sasha Calle Teases Her DC Future After The Flash

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Supergirl newcomer Sasha Calle just teased where her future with the role could go following her debut in The Flash.

Joining the DCU as the second leading Kryptonian hero after Henry Cavill's Superman, Calle took the spotlight alongside Ezra Miller's Flash and Michael Keaton's Batman while opening the door to new potential stories.

The new character was a major part of the marketing campaign for The Flash before it hit theaters as fans waited to find out what was in store for the first live-action Kara Zor-El to hit the big screen in decades.

Sasha Calle Shares Her DC Future Hopes

Sasha Calle as Supergirl

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, The Flash star Sasha Calle expressed hope to continue playing Supergirl after her first appearance in a DC movie.

Sharing her love for the heroine, Calle described The Flash as "a runway to a better story" for the Kryptonian metahuman:

"Absolutely, are you kidding me? I love her so much and I feel her very deeply. I think this movie was a runway to a better story for her."

DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have plans for a Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie, which will explore the similarly-titled story from DC Comics in which Supergirl helps a young alien avenge her father in outer space.

But for Calle, her biggest hope for Supergirl is to dive further into "her feelings into her day-to-day" life, wondering what a day in the normal life of Kara Zor-El would look like:

"I just want to dive deeper into Kara and her feelings into her day-to-day. I would just love to see her in regular clothes, in human clothes. As a fan, the whole time that I was filming, I kept thinking, 'What would she wear? What glasses would she wear?'"

With The Flash only exploring her superhero side, Calle loves the idea of diving more into Supergirl's human life:

"[In 'The Flash'], we don't meet her human, realized self, so as a fan, that would be something very cool."

Calle shared her love for Supergirl with USA Today as well, hoping to continue playing the role in future projects after meeting with Peter Safran and discussing the hero:

"I hope to continue playing Supergirl. I love her so deeply and I feel so connected to her."

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for The Flash.

Unfortunately for The Flash fans, the film finished with Supergirl meeting her gruesome end at the hands of Michael Shannon's General Zod, who sought to take her out while reviving the Kryptonian gene pool the way he did with Clark Kent in Man of Steel.

Speaking on Deadline's Crew Call podcast about a week before The Flash debuted, Muschietti discussed some fans' disappointment at Supergirl's death.

The director noted how the Multiverse offers a way for Supergirl to live "in a million other timelines," teasing the idea of seeing Sasha Calle's own take on the heroine elsewhere in future DC movies:

"Well, the great thing about Multiverse is that Supergirl lives in a million other timelines, right? So, nobody should– I mean, I don’t wanna spoil it, but whatever happens to Supergirl in this movie should not be taken as the absolute truth. We can see Supergirl, this Supergirl, Sasha Calle, in future projects. We might, because that’s how the Multiverse works."

Will Sasha Calle Return for Supergirl's Movie?

At the moment, barely anything is known about the Supergirl movie that James Gunn and Peter Safran have in development for their Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate.

And with this movie confirmed to take heavy inspiration from the Woman of Tomorrow comic line, Calle's interest is clearly piqued after having to go through multiple death scenes in The Flash.

While Superman: Legacy is confirmed to be the first movie released in Chapter 1 under Gunn and Safran's watch, Supergirl's solo film doesn't seem to be in line to hit theaters until some time after the new Man of Steel does.

But with no information on who will help make the movie while Sasha Calle continues to earn praise for her portrayal, there could be plenty of time for the new star to make her case to continue playing this important heroine in the reboot.

The Flash is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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