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My Adventures With Superman Jack Quaid and Melanie Minichino

My Adventures With Superman is back on Adult Swim and Max after a long delay, bringing a superb cast of stars to voice some iconic DC characters in Season 2.

The anime-inspired animated Superman series returns for new episodes continuing Clark Kent and Lois Lane's story in their early days as Daily Planet reporters and power couple.

Facing a hoard of familiar and new villains while strengthening their relationship, Clark and Lois quickly find themselves with plenty to handle as they keep Metropolis safe together.

The first two episodes of My Adventures With Superman Season 2 premiered on Adult Swim and Max on May 25.

Every Character & Actor in My Adventures With Superman Season 2

Jack Quaid - Clark Kent/Superman

Jack Quaid, Clark Kent/Superman
Jack Quaid

Jack Quaid takes on the responsibility of playing My Adventures With Superman's leading character, the titular Superman/Clark Kent.

Clark finds out more about his Kryptonian heritage thanks to a reunion with his father via hologram while continuing his non-superhero work at the Daily Planet.

He also struggles with how to celebrate Valentine's Day with his girlfriend, and he even has to help Lois save her father from danger early in Season 2.

Quaid is perhaps best known for his work as Hughie Campbell in Amazon Prime Video's hit series, The Boys. Other credits include The Hunger Games, Scream, and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Alice Lee - Lois Lane

Alice Lee, Lois Lane
Alice Lee

The yin to Clark's yang comes in his classic comic love interest, Lois Lane, portrayed in this series by Alice Lee.

Lois hopes to advance her career and become the Daily Planet's top reporter as she dives deeper into her boyfriend's superhero life at the same time.

She also struggles to keep Clark and her father from truly going at each other, standing up for herself while doing everything in her power to keep the world safe.

Lee's most notable roles can be seen in Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Brittany Runs a Marathon, and Gap Year.

Ishmel Sahid - Jimmy Olsen

Ishmel Sahid, Jimmy Olsen
Ishmel Sahid

Completing the iconic DC Comics trio from Superman stories is Ishmel Sahid, who voices Jimmy Olsen.

Olsen is still deeply involved with his work at the Daily Planet while helping Clark and Lois with superhero business, although Season 2 comes with a major change on the money front.

After a major twist at the end of Season 1, Jimmy is now quite the rich man, running his Flamebird social media app as part of the Planet's daily operations.

Fans can see Sahid's other work in Jury Duty, Cousins for Life, and Kingdom.

Darrell Brown - Perry White

Darrell Brown, Perry White
Darrell Brown

Running the Daily Planet as he does in almost every Superman adventure is editor-in-chief Perry White, portrayed in this animated show by Darrell Brown.

Perry tries to bring the proverbial hammer down on his employees early in Season 2, wanting to see more interesting pitches and way more content from the newly acquired Flamebird brand.

Brown can also be seen and heard in History's Greatest Rich Ancients, Destruction AllStars, and Man, Woman, Dog.

Jason Marnocha - Jor-El & Damage

Jor-El, Jason Marnocha, Damage
Jason Marnocha

Jason Marnocha takes on double duty in My Adventures With Superman Season 2, portraying both Jor-El and Damage.

Jor-El seems to meet his end in Episode 1 when the technology on Clark's Kryptonian ship malfunctions, forcing him to reveal one last secret to Clark before disappearing for good.

Meanwhile, Damage comes into play as a powerful new supersoldier working under Amanda Waller, giving Clark everything he can handle in physical combat.

Marnocha's resume includes roles in Transformers: Combiner Wars, Carole & Tuesdays, and Megalo Box.

Melanie Minichino - Cat Grant

Melanie Minichino, Cat Grant
Melanie Minichino

Melanie Minichino adds to the supporting players at the Daily Planet with her role as Cat Grant, the outlet's outgoing gossip columnist.

As Clark shares his plan for what he's doing with Lois for Valentine's Day, Cat quickly jumps in to tell him he's not going big enough, explaining that a grand romantic gesture is the only way to go.

Minichino's other voiceover roles can be heard in the Spider-Man 2 video game, What If...?, and Starfield.

Max Mittelman - Lex Luthor & Hank Henshaw

Max Mittelman, Lex Luthor
Max Mittelman

Also taking on two different roles this season is Max Mittelman, portraying this universe's version of Lex Luthor along with another character named Hank Henshaw.

Hank is an old friend of Lois' who helps her, Clark, and Jimmy track a meteor that could crash into Earth, which turns out to be an old Kryptonian ship they visit later.

Meanwhile, Lex comes in as an unassuming scientist upon his first interaction with Jimmy Olsen, later proving to be formidable already with the technology he shows Amanda Waller.

Mittelman can also be seen and heard in One Punch Man, Disney XD's Spider-Man series, and Alice's Wonderful Bakery.

Chris Parnell - Slade Wilson

Chris Parnell, Slade Wilson
Chris Parnell

Iconic DC villain Slade Wilson, better known to fans as Deathstroke, comes into My Adventures With Superman Season 2 behind veteran voice actor Chris Parnell.

Coming back after first appearing in Season 1, Slade looks to upgrade his gear in Season 2, lining his swords with kryptonite after finding it in a fight with Superman.

Parnell's most notable appearance comes in Rick & Morty, in which he plays Morty's father Jerry Smith. He's also known for Hot Rod, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and Fallout.

Debra Wilson - Amanda Waller

Debra Wilson, Amanda Waller
Debra Wilson

Debra Wilson embodies another major DC Comics villain in Amanda Waller, the leader of Task Force X.

In Season 2, Waller hopes to commandeer the technology from a crashed spaceship while also holding Lois Lane's father captive in her facility.

Wilson's other major roles come in Over the Hedge, Scary Movie 4, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Joel de la Fuenta - General Sam Lane

Joel de la Fuenta, Sam Lane
Joel de la Fuenta

Returning from Season 1 is Joel de la Fuenta, who reprises his role in Season 2 as General Sam Lane, Lois Lane's father.

Amanda Waller delivers him a platter of breakfast while holding Sam hostage, hoping to make him talk and reveal what he knows about Superman and other powered people.

De la Fuenta can also be seen in The Man in the High Castle, Hemlock Grave, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Azuri Hardy-Jones - Flip

Azuri Hardy-Jones, Flip

Azuri Hardy-Jones makes a comeback from Season 1 as a young girl named Flip.

Flip is part of a group of kids who help deliver papers for the Daily Planet, and she also offers insight to Lois, Clark, and Jimmy when she can on the goings-on in Metropolis.

Fans can see Hardy-Jones' other work in Water Helps the Blood Run and Deer Squad.

Riley Looc - Billy

Riley Looc, Billy
Riley Looc

Riley Looc joins the My Adventures With Superman cast in a single-episode appearance as a young kid named Billy.

Billy comes to Clark on the street and asks him to tell Superman to find his dad, a volunteer librarian who is being held at Stryker's Prison in Episode 2.

Looc's previous credits include Puppy Place, Grey's Anatomy, and Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Vincent Tong - Steve Lombard

Vincent Ton, Steve Lombard
Vincent Tong

The Daily Planet's lead sports reporter, Steve Lombard, is embodied in this animated series by Vincent Tong.

Outside of his core job, Lombard is closely allied with Cat Grant as they look to continue their reign of dominance at the Daily Planet. He is also assigned to Jimmy Olsen's Flamebird team, where he looks to shine as he searches for juicy stories to run.

Tong's other credits include roles in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, Dragons: The Nine Realms, and Ninjago.

Kiana Madeira - Kara Zor-El/Supergirl

Kiana Madeira, Supergirl
Kiana Madeira

Kiana Madeira is confirmed to join My Adventures With Superman Season 2's cast as Kara Zor-El, better known to fans as the Kryptonian heroine Supergirl.

While she has not been seen in the first two episodes, Clark learns about her existence as Jor-El first tells him that he was not the only survivor sent to Earth.

Madeira is best known for her roles in the Fear Street trilogy, Dark Matter, and Really Me.

New episodes of My Adventures With Superman Season 2 air every Saturday at midnight on Adult Swim before debuting on Max.

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