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DC is about to introduce a new Superman with My Adventures With Superman, and it can all be watched online.

The Man of Steel will soon return to animation in a new six-episode show, My Adventures with Superman, starring The Boys' Jack Quaid in the lead role.

The show was picked up with a two-season order, meaning more episodes are already on the way featuring this new Superman in his younger years at the Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen while going up against villains such as Brainiac, Parasite, Deathstroke, and more.

How to Watch My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures with Superman will premiere its first two episodes on Adult Swim on Friday, July 7 at 12:00 am ET midnight (which is late Thursday night on July 6), to be followed by a premiere on Max (HBO Max rebranded) later that day.

The pair of opening episodes will go by "Adventures of a Normal Man," with the first chapter exploring Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen as they start at the Daily Planet, meet Lois Lane, and end up "investigating stolen military robots:"

"Secret alien Clark Kent and his best friend Jimmy Olsen start their internship at The Daily Planet and meet fellow intern Lois Lane – who ropes them into investigating stolen military robots threatening Metropolis."

The second chapter of the two-part opener will see Kent return to his family home with "questions about where he is from:"

"Clark goes back to the Kent farm with questions about where he is from - and who he wants to be."

Episode 3, "My Interview with Superman," will follow on July 14 on Adult Swim and Max on July 15, and see Lois Lane interviewing the Man of Steel, who simultaneously must try to preserve his secret identity:

"Lois wants to interview Superman for The Daily Planet, and Clark must figure out how to help her while protecting his secret identity. Meanwhile, the criminal ring INTERGANG gets its hands on unstable weapons."

The remaining episodes have yet to reveal a synopsis, but the full list of episode titles and release details for My Adventures with Superman Season 1 can below:

  • Episode 1/2, "Adventures of a Normal Man" - July 6 (AS) / July 7 (Max)
  • Episode 3, "My Interview with Superman" - July 13 (AS) / July 14 (Max)
  • Episode 4, "Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say" - July 20 (AS) / July 21 (Max)
  • Episode 5, "You Will Believe a Man Can Lie" - July 27 (AS) / July 28 (Max)
  • Episode 6, "My Adventures With Mad Science" - August 3 (AS) / August 4 (Max)

My Adventures With Superman will debut its first two episodes on Adult Swim on Friday, July 7, and on Max on July 8.

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