'My Adventures With Superman' Gets Season 2 Announcement from DC Producer

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After much uncertainty, My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is finally confirmed. 

My Adventures with Superman just made its two-episode debut on Adult Swim and Max, much to the delight of diehard Superman fans. 

The hit animated series chronicles the story of Clark Kent's early days as the titular hero while starting his day job in the Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. 

The series features a stellar cast headlined by Jack Quaid and Alice Lee. 

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Confirmed

My Adventures Superman Clark Kent

When a fan asked if the animated series has a second season, My Adventures with Superman producer Jake Wyatt confirmed that it will arrive, noting that Adult Swim and Max "ordered two."

When the series was first announced in May 2021, the studio gave it a two-season order. However, due to the Warner Bros. Discovery merger and the shakeup within DC Studios, there were questions about whether Season 2 would still get made. 

This latest announcement from Wyatt confirms that a sophomore run is still happening. 

In November 2022, My Adventures with Superman co-producer Josephine Campbell, via Superman Homepage, teased what to expect in Seasons 1 and 2, noting that the friendship of the core trio (Clark, Lois, and Jimmy) serves as the anchor of both seasons: 

"There’s a lot I’m excited for fans to see! I can’t wait for fans to see the relationship between Lois, Clark and Jimmy – these three are the heart of our show, and their friendship and adventures together drive the series and the character arcs for both season one and two."

Why My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Needs Lex Luthor

My Adventures with Superman Season 1 features many villains like Brainiac, Livewire, and Parasite. However, Lex Luthor is not expected to appear in the show's debut season. 

In an exclusive interview with Screenrant, My Adventures with Superman executive producer Brendan Clogher said that the studio told them to "hold off on Lex Luthor," thus allowing them to add "certain villains that reflect some of our real-world modern villains" instead.

Season 2 could finally introduce the show's iteration of Lex Luthor, giving Jack Quaid's Superman a different kind of challenge. 

Considering co-producer Josephine Campbell's remarks about Season 2 focusing more on the friendship of the show's main trio, Lex's arrival presents a perfect opportunity for the villain to exploit their weakness. 

The first two episodes of My Adventures with Superman Season 1 are available to stream on Max.

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