My Adventures With Superman Producer Teases Lois Lane's Season 2 Romance

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Romance is in the air for My Adventures with Superman Season 2 as its co-creator Josie Campbell teased that Clark Kent and Lois Lane will "court more" in the show's sophomore run. 

The new animated series took a surprise turn when Lois found out Clark's secret identity as Superman early on in Season 1's fourth episode. 

Campbell explained in a separate interview that revealing Clark's identity to Lois during an early moment of Season 1 "was a great way to sort of like expand on their relationship."

True enough, the pair's romantic bond evolved since then amid the threat of nefarious villains. 

My Adventures with Superman Producer Teases More Clark & Lois Romance

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In an interview with Comics Cube, My Adventures with Superman co-creator Josie Campbell talked about what to expect in terms of Clark Kent and Lois Lane's romantic bond. 

Campbell offered an update on the development of the series' second season, teasing the obvious that "Clark and Lois [will] flirt some more" in the next batch of episodes:

"We did get picked up originally when we pitched it for two seasons. So, we’re in production right now in season two... We’ll make a big deal out of it when it is announced so everybody knows when to tune back in and watch Clark and Lois flirt some more."

The DC producer reiterated that the show revolves just as much around the duo's endearing romance as it does the classic superhero action:

"I mean, we pitched this as a rom-com with punching and I feel like we’ve lived up to both parts of that pitch."

Campbell also hinted that "there's still going to be ups and downs" for Clark and Lois in Season 2 while they are trying to navigate their relationship: 

"The joy of this series was us getting to write Lois and Clark falling in love and navigating their relationship. There’s still going to be ups and downs. It’s not all going to be smooth sailing but, it is fun to write a relationship in its early stages. It’s fun to write crushes."

When asked if they received any restrictions from the network for the steaminess in some of the scenes from the series, Campbell confirmed that they didn't experience any pushback, noting that DC and Warner Bros. were onboard when they didn't hold back to serve the show's story: 

Comics Cube: "Did you get any pushback from the network for the steaminess of some of the scenes?"

Campbell: "No, not at all. With all of this, we love Lois and Clark equally. We’re invested in both of them as romantic leads. [For example,] in Episode 6, Clark’s shirt is just blown off for half the episode or those kisses. We were like, ’We’re going for it. We’re not holding back. This is what the story needs. It’s been great. DC was onboard. Warner Bros. was onboard."

The producer ended by reflecting on the "wonderful" response of fans toward the lead pair's relationship: 

"The response has been wonderful. You see so many people reacting to it like, ‘Oh! Oh my goodness, Clark Kent.’ They’re also reacting to their relationship and liking that romantic tension."

Why Clark Kent & Lois Lane's Romance Deserve the Spotlight

The dynamic between Clark Kent and Lois Lane has been one of the important aspects of Superman stories in every form of medium, and it's quite fitting that My Adventures with Superman has its own powerful version. 

The pair's bond served as the show's anchor in Season 1 despite its otherworldly aspects. 

Josie Campbell's comments indicated that Season 2 will feature more of Clark and Lois' romance, which includes both the positive and negative aspects that come along with it. 

It's also appropriate that the show's creatives are not holding back in showcasing scenes that needed to be there in order to craft the best story possible. 

Given that Lois already knows Clark's secret identity combined with the fact that they worked together numerous times in Season 1, the show's sophomore run is poised to unveil why the pair is such a powerful duo.

My Adventures with Superman Season 1 is streaming on Max.

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