Superman Producer Addresses Concerns Over James Gunn Interference on New Show

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James Gunn, My Adventures With Superman

A producer on My Adventures with Superman addressed the show's place under James Gunn's new DC Studios umbrella at Warner Bros. (WB).

Gunn was hired alongside producer Peter Safran to revamp the DC Universe at Warner Bros. Discovery in November 2022.

Alongside a new DCU slate of series and films, it was revealed that Gunn's new plan was for animated shows, video games, and live-action projects would all exist in the same universe.

For example, Creature Commandos, the first DCU animated series (likely) coming next year, cast Frank Grillo and David Harbour as Rick Flag Sr. and Eric Frankenstein. Those actors will portray their live-action counterparts if ever needed in an upcoming DC project. 

Will DC Reboot Impact New Superman Show?

My Adventures with Superman hero

My Adventures with Superman showrunner Jake Wyatt says the new DC Studios regime under Gunn and Safran has been "very supportive" of the new series.

Additionally, the series that's planned for two seasons on Adult Swim and streaming on Max, has faced "no interference and a lot of approval:”

“We started well before any of that took place when we were still with AT&T [previous owners of WarnerMedia]. I’ve been pleased that the new regime has been very supportive. They showed James [Gunn] the opening main titles and he really liked it. So we’ve been allowed to do our two seasons with no interference and a lot of approval.”

AT&T owned Warner Bros. during a swift three-year period from 2018-2022. During that time Wyatt spoke with producer Brendan Clogher about how their ideas for a new Superman animated series:

“I’ve loved Superman my whole life. We came to making the show out of a conversation Brendan [Clogher, executive producer] and I had while directing at Nickelodeon about superhero fatigue."

While thinking about superhero fatigue, Wyatt asked, "Who do we still care about" among the expanding list of heroes hitting the big and small screen:

“Who do we still care about with all these movies and properties and newly minted superheroes every day? Superman was still great, and we realized we loved him for the same reasons. We loved the Clark and Lois romance, the awkward Clark Kent, the hope and the optimism, and almost that cringe earnestness of Superman.”

As fans have seen through three episodes, the show's main focus is on Lois, Clark, and Jimmy's ambitious journalism careers. In typical Superman fashion, Clark is dealt with living a double life and fighting battles from his home Krypton.

Wyatt teased that there will be "familiar faces that are pretty heavily redesigned” upcoming in the series:

“Everything in the DC universe that gets built out in the show flows out from Superman. Krypton had some kind of contact with Earth and they left Clark here. So all of our villains emerge out of that event. Because this is a show about Clark, Lois, and Jimmy figuring out who they are, our best villains always challenge their conception of who they are. That’s really the journey, and I don’t want to give too much away but there are familiar faces that are pretty heavily redesigned.”

Enjoy My Adventures With Superman While It Lasts

Jack Quaid provides a nervous, naive, and heartfelt performance as Clark Kent/Superman alongside Alice Lee's Lois Lane in this new show.

The series has an anime-styled design which serves as a great balance between Kal-El's dual life. It's an origin story, but also a love story between budding reporters Kent and Lane.

Independent DC projects like this may not be as common starting in 2024 and beyond. Under the new DCU, many series and films will crossover and take place during the same timeline.

There's still some wiggle room, with Joker: Folie à Deux and The Batman Part II confirmed to Elseworlds stories that are separate from the main storyline beginning with Superman: Legacy.

For now, My Adventures with Superman is just beginning with seven more episodes planned for Season 1 and the entirety of Season 2 still planned.

My Adventures with Superman is now streaming on Max.

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