Superman Will Appear in These 6 Upcoming DC Movies & Shows

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Superman and Lois, Michael B Jordan

DC has half a dozen new movies and TV show appearances planned out for different versions of Superman in the next few years.

The Man of Steel has largely been underutilized on the big screen over the last few years, although there's been plenty of drama surrounding the character with Henry Cavill's time in the DCU coming to an end.

Thankfully, the last son of Krypton won't be away for too long, especially with both DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn's new plans for the DCU along with other universes and projects currently in motion.

That being said, here are the six upcoming movies and TV shows where Superman is confirmed to return in the next few years.

Superman's Upcoming Movie & TV Roles

1.) Superman & Lois Season 4

Superman and Lois
Warner Bros.

The Arrowverse is nearing its end after 11 years on the air, as the final show remaining from the franchise is Superman & Lois featuring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch's Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Originally spinning off from Melissa Benoist's Supergirl series, this series now moves into its fourth season as James Gunn confirmed that there will be another season or two to be produced and said, "It’s a show everybody likes, so it’s gonna keep going for a little bit."

Superman & Lois stands apart from the rest of the Arrowverse as it takes place away from Earth-Prime after the end of Season 2, with Season 3 now tackling Intergang and a bout with breast cancer for Lois.

Season 3 will end on May 9 with its eighth episode, and although Season 4 isn't officially confirmed yet, all signs point to Superman being back for another round of battles in the near future.

2.) Justice League: Warworld (2023)

Warner Bros. 

The animated Tomorrowverse world will see its tenth film with Justice League: Warworld getting a home release this summer.

Darren Criss (Glee, American Crime Story) provides the voice of Clark Kent alongside Jensen Ackles' Batman and Stana Katic's Wonder Woman, who are then transported to Warworld and thrown into gladiator-style combat. There are also a number of other appearances lined up for major DC stars within this animated epic.

The official synopsis for Justice League: Warworld can be seen below:

“Until now, the Justice League has been a loose association of superpowered individuals. But when they are swept away to Warworld, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others must somehow unite to form an unbeatable resistance able to lead an entire planet to freedom.”

3.) My Adventures with Superman (2023)

My Adventures with Superman
Warner Bros.

The Boys' Jack Quaid will take on the challenge of voicing Clark Kent in a new animated series entitled My Adventures with Superman, with the first of two seasons confirmed to debut on Adult Swim this year. This will be an anime-inspired take on the Man of Steel as he interacts with both Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen while protecting Metropolis.

The first footage from this new Superman show highlighted the usual fare of Superman saving the day in his home city, even giving off vibes of Brandon Routh's Superman from the Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite Earths event series.

My Adventures with Superman is set to arrive later this summer, and it will air on Toonami and Adult Swim when its official release date is confirmed.

4.) Superman: Legacy (2025)

Superman legacy
DC Comics

Superman: Legacy will serve as the very first movie of the DCU's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate, delivering a brand-new take on the Man of Steel under James Gunn's reign at DC Studios. Early plot details for this new reboot tease the hero's path to "reconcile his Kryptonian heritage" with his upbringing on Earth, embodying "truth, justice, and the American way" in his big screen comeback.

Casting for the movie is only in its earliest stages, with Gunn and his partner Peter Safran getting a list of names together for who they want to look at for this modern-day take on Clark Kent.

And with production reportedly starting in early 2024 ahead of the movie's July 11, 2025 release date, Superman: Legacy looks to start the DCU off on the right page following Henry Cavill's celebrated portrayal of the Kryptonian hero.

5.) Untitled Ta-Nehisi Coates Movie (TBD)

Black Superman
DC Comics

Before Gunn and Safran took over the DCU, comic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates was hard at work on a movie centered on a Black Superman, which would be set a century in the past to give some history to Krypton. This will give the DCU a Black leading actor as Superman for the first time - something that Warner Bros. has wanted to see for some time.

Coates hasn't revealed much information about this new Superman movie, although he's made it clear that he wants the audience to not notice his presence at all in the writing for this upcoming story.

Gunn also recently confirmed that this Black Superman movie is still on the table for development as an Elseworlds movie, although there is no timetable on when it would be cast or produced as part of this new slate.

6.) Michael B. Jordan's Val-Zod Series (TBD)

Michael B Jordan Series
Warner Bros. 

Following his time as Erik Killmonger in the MCU, Michael B. Jordan looks set to take on a new role in the DCU by producing a Superman movie centered on Val-Zod. Warner Bros. hired Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters to write this unique solo movie, which will bring a Superman other than Kal-El to the forefront for the first time.

While Jordan has actually been rumored to play the role of Val-Zod himself, he and his team have shut down those rumors in recent months, not giving any insight into who will be the first Black Superman on screen.

It's also been reported that this will be a limited series for HBO Max, but with the landscape of the DCU changing constantly, there are no signs pointing to when it will go further into development or when it will debut.

Superman will make his next appearance in the conclusion of Superman & Lois Season 3 on The CW, and the hero's next movie will be Superman: Legacy, releasing in July 2025.

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