Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Casting Enters Into New Phase at DC

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DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn updated fans on where he is in the process to find Henry Cavill's replacement as Superman.

Cavill sparked plenty of conversations at the end of 2022 after Gunn took control of the DCU, with the executive confirming that the actor's time as the Man of Steel was over.

Since then, Gunn announced development for Superman: Legacy as part of the first wave of new DCU projects coming under his watch, confirming that he's writing the script and serving as the reboot movie's director.

But with more than two years until the last son of Krypton returns to the big screen, rumors and reports are already discussing who could potentially take Cavill's place in this iconic role.

James Gunn Has a Superman Casting Update

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DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn provided an update regarding the casting process for the DCU's new Superman in Superman: Legacy, who will replace former DCEU Superman star Henry Cavill.

A fan asked Gunn whether a casting director had been hired for the movie yet, to which Gunn replied with a short "yes."

This casting director will reportedly be none other than John Papsidera, an award-winning casting vet who already worked with Gunn on casting for 2021's The Suicide Squad and 2022's Peacemaker. (via Heroic Hollywood)

A few days ago, Gunn replied to a rumor shared by Grace Randolph on Twitter, which said that casting for the movie was "VERY close" to being done:

"I hear they are VERY close to a #Superman casting - might not be announced for awhile but it could leak Very very close… Role MIGHT even be cast or in final talks"

A fan asked if this rumor was true or not, with Gunn responding that he hasn't talked with any actors about potentially taking over the role yet for

"Not true. Haven’t had a single talk with a single actor about the role. Just making private lists, prepping material for auditions."

This also comes just over a week after Gunn revealed that he's started to list out potential names to look at for this new moive.

Superman Casting in Early Stages

With Gunn confirming that Superman: Legacy now has its casting director in place, fans now have a much better idea of when to expect Henry Cavill's replacement to be named for the new DCU.

Considering that rumors about the new Superman have permeated the internet for the past couple of months, this news straight from the top of the DC food chain sets up plenty of intrigue for the franchise in the near future.

As Gunn continues to share new information about how his Supeman movie will be developed, many will have their eye on Warner Bros. to see who winds up in consideration to play arguably the most famous superhero in comics history.

And considering how important this movie is to setting up the new DC Universe the right way, Gunn's work on the casting front will be one of the most vital pieces of production for this new adventure.

Superman: Legacy will debut in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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