Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement: DC Boss 'Relieved' by New Actor Choices

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With James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy set to kick off production next year, the director shared his positive thoughts on the casting process for Clark Kent.

Superman: Legacy, the first film in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s revamped DCU slate, seems poised to do things a bit differently than other movies featuring the Man of Steel.

Gunn has strongly indicated that this new take on Clark Kent and his world would be injected with more of a sense of fun than Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill’s incarnation perhaps possessed. And any new actor chosen to play Gunn’s Superman would, in turn, need to embrace that mentality.

'Incredible' Superman Actor Will Follow Henry Cavill's Footsteps

Superman #30 comic

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Superman: Legacy director and DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn hyped up the selection of Superman actors he has to choose from for the upcoming movie. He said this in response to another Twitter user inquiring if any particular names have stood out so far:

"Yes we have some incredible choices. I’m incredibly excited, and relieved."

Recently, Gunn mentioned that a casting director had been hired for the film and, in late March, stated that he hadn’t met with anyone for the role yet but was prepping for auditions.

Only three actors have ever played Superman on the big screen in live-action: Christopher Reeve in the four original Superman movies in the '70s and '80s, Brandon Routh in 2006's Superman Returns, and Henry Cavill in the DCEU, starting in 2013's Man of Steel.

Additionally, Gunn made some recent remarks on the creative process behind producing Legacy, making mention of how “notes work in Hollywood:”

"It’s interesting to see the numerous responses to my answer here about how notes work in Hollywood. From when I began writing I have given my scripts and stories to many different trusted parties for “notes.” Listening to constructive criticism is the lifeblood for any writer."

Gunn also praised the partners he’s had during his time at DC thus far, saying he’s been “blessed” to be able to work with them.

"This process has worked for me because I have been blessed in the partners I’ve chosen to work with - we are all moving towards one thing: making the movie better. And I can put my ego aside and be open when I need to be and convincing when I need to be."

What Will James Gunn’s Superman Be Like?

Fans still don’t have a ton of concrete details on Superman: Legacy. Gunn appears to be deep into the casting and development process right now.

But it has been implied that this new version of the legendary superhero would be a bit more lighthearted. The film will very likely better connect with some of the more outlandish elements of the comics as well.

After all, look at James Gunn’s cinematic track record; he’s responsible for bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy into the mainstream. That team features what is essentially a talking raccoon, so it’s probably safe to say that Legacy won’t be so beholden to the gritty, grounded nature of Henry Cavill's hero in Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman.

The official synopsis for the movie has even specifically stated that Superman will be “guided by human kindness.”

And really, that’s how the character should be. Clark is a beacon of hope, positivity, and optimism. In all of his best incarnations, his capacity for good and his faith in humanity are unshakable. And in today’s sometimes-dark world, a little hope and optimism go quite a long way.

Gunn’s excitement over casting is surely encouraging and it’s nice to see that the quality of actors he’s considering has granted him a sense of relief.

DC Studios’ Superman: Legacy soars into theaters on July 11, 2025.

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