DC Boss James Gunn Responds to Accusation That He Plays Favorites With Actors

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Some fans have had concerns about co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn playing favorites with actors when it comes to casting for the DCU, but Gunn spoke out about that worry once again.

While these fans continue to be worried about Gunn using the same actors from the MCU in the DCU, it hasn't stopped others from speculating on potential roles for these big names. It's common for some directors to use the same people from project to project, so it shouldn't be surprising for Gunn to do the same.

Gunn already explained that what matters to him most is that "the actor fits the role and they're easy to work with." Therefore, hiring an actor who a filmmaker worked well with before would only make sense to save time and mitigate risks of misunderstandings or conflict.

James Gunn Plays Favorites for a Reason

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After James Gunn tweeted the casting announcement for the upcoming animated DC series, Creature Commandos, one Twitter user accused him of "still [playing] favorites."

Gunn responded that he does "have favorite professional actors," but only because he doesn't have to "explain [his] process to [them] all over again:"

"Yes I have favorite professional actors I’ve worked with over the years, people whose voices and styles I understand intimately and who understand my writing intimately as well - who I don’t have to explain my process to all over again. That’s how this job works."

Another Twitter user jumped in to ask if Gunn spoke with any of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast regarding roles in the DCU, to which he said, "Some of them."

Guardians Could Eventually Join DC Boss

Initially, Gunn only mentioned that he"probably" would work with several actors from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise again in the DCU. However, this is the first time the filmmaker confirmed discussions with them.

Some of the Guardians actors, such as Dave Bautista, have even advocated for roles in the DC films, albeit to no success. However, fans also speculated roles for other members, like Chris Pratt, with Green Lantern and Booster Gold at the top of the list.

Sean Gunn has already been cast in Creature Commandos as one new character, GI Robot, while also returning as another, Weasel, who debuted in The Suicide Squad.

So, it seems like only a matter of time until other Guardians alums join Gunn's superhero universe.

Creature Commandos is expected to debut in 2024 on Max.

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