David Corenswet

New Superman 2025 Movie Cast: Every Actor & Character Set to Appear (Confirmed & Reported)

James Gunn's 2025 Superman movie has announced many members of its cast.

By Sam Hargrave -

David Corenswet
6' 4''
July 8, 1993
Superman / Clark Kent
Notable Projects:
Superman: Legacy
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James Gunn's Superman Suit Controversy & Backlash Explained

Love it or hate it, there's plenty of controversy surrounding the new Superman suit.

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James Gunn Might've Just Accidentally Revealed the Secret Villain of His Superman Movie

Who is the main villain of James Gunn's 2025 Superman movie?

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Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Confirmed to Have 'Sense of Humor' On Screen

Superman: Legacy's Rachel Brosnahan shared new details about the personality of Henry Cavill's Superman replacement.

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James Gunn Announces 10th New Actor for Superman Reboot Movie

James Gunn's Superman reboot has now announced ten actors and characters.

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Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Actor Is Looking Jacked (Photo)

The next Clark Kent is getting RIPPED for James Gunn's Superman movie.

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James Gunn's Superman Legacy Movie: Release, Cast & Everything We Know

Here's everything we know about James Gunn's upcoming Superman reboot movie.

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Superman Reboot Movie Gets Production Update Amid Delay Concerns

DC Studios’ Superman: Legacy got a promising update regarding its upcoming production schedule.

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New Photos of Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Actor Have Fans Praising His Muscular Physique

It looks like David Corenswet’s been hitting the gym in preparation for Superman: Legacy’s shoot.

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Gal Gadot Reacts to DC Casting Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement

Gal Gadot shared her thoughts on Superman being replaced in the DC Universe.

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James Gunn's Superman Movie: All 6 Actors Confirmed to Appear

Here is a list of every confirmed actor and rumored character that will be in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy.

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Superman Reboot: James Gunn Confirms Unsurprising 2 Main Characters In New Movie

It's no surprise who James Gunn will feature as the two main characters in Superman: Legacy.

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DC Announces 4 Superhero Actors for New Superman Reboot Movie

David Corenswet’s Clark Kent won’t be the only superhero in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy!

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James Gunn Confirms the Age of New Superman After Henry Cavill Exit

James Gunn revealed the age of Dave Corenswet's new Superman. How old will he be?

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8 Best David Corenswet Movies & Shows to Watch Before Superman: Legacy

DC has found its new Superman, but what has he been in before?

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James Gunn's Superman Movie Will Be Missing 1 Major Clark Kent Plot Point

A major distinction has just been made between Man of Steel and Superman: Legacy.

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Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Actor Reacts to Casting News With Single Emoji

The DCU's new Superman gave a quick reaction to his casting.

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Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Actor Gets Officially Announced

Who will play Clark Kent and Lois Lane in James Gunn's Superman: Legacy?

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'I'm Blown Away': James Gunn Hypes Up Superman Movie Reboot Actors

James Gunn commented on the auditions for Superman: Legacy. What did the director and studio head have to say?

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6 Actors Now Rumored for Superman's Reboot Movie

James Gunn's Superman: Legacy casting process is narrowing down.

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James Gunn's Superman Movie Will Include These Other Superheroes (Report)

A new report just confirmed some more superheroes for the upcoming Superman movie.

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Warner Bros. Casts James Gunn's Superman Frontrunner In Twisters

One of the names being eyed for James Gunn's rebooted Superman movie, just joined another upcoming blockbuster.

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Superman Reboot: 3 Actors In the Running to Replace Henry Cavill

Here are three actors who could end up portraying the DCU's new Superman.

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12 Best Actors to Replace Henry Cavill as Superman

The Direct picks the best potential actors to replace Henry Cavill as Superman in the new DCU.

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