New Photos of Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement Actor Have Fans Praising His Muscular Physique

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Henry Cavill Superman David Corenswet

New images of Superman: Legacy star David Corenswet lit up social media with fans remarking on his Superman-esque physique.

There is a certain body type that many fans expect anyone who plays Superman to have: tall and built with broad shoulders and a square jaw.

Not that these are extremely hard and fast rules; Superman & Lois own Tyler Hoechlin is (slightly) under six feet tall, and he’s widely regarded as a fan-favorite. Still, he’s called the Man of Steel for a reason, and for better or worse, most agree that he should look like it on-screen.

David Corenswet Has Been Bulking up for Superman: Legacy

Superman: Legacy’s freshly-cast David Corenswet, who will replace Henry Cavill in the title role for James Gunn’s new DCU was spotted in photos from the set of a new documentary on the work of artist Jon Schueler. Corenswet was acting as the doc’s cinematographer and was captured in a few photos while on the job (via the John Schueler Foundation on Facebook.)

David Corenswet working a camera
The Jon Schueler Foundation

Upon viewing the images, Superman fans on Twitter quickly took notice of the fact that the actor has obviously been working out to prepare for his role as the Last Son of Krypton.

David Corenswet on the set of a documentary
The Jon Schueler Foundation

Some of those reactions, like the one from X user Anubhav62797726 speculated that Corenswet will be an “absolute unit” by the time Superman: Legacy’s production rolls around: “Before starting shooting the action sequences ge (he) will became (become) absolute unit“

CQuill97 wrote, “Our new Superman David Corenswet seems to be bulking up which is crazy cause people on the internet told me thats impossible,“ calling out the star’s detractors who asserted he didn’t have the proper build for the character.

Mars94794455 simply posted, “Damn he got bigger.” in reaction to the photos.

And foxfornaught commented on Corenswet’s er… posterior: “Bum def looking bigger.”

Ligma212223 noted that the future portrayer of Kal-El “Already got that Superman back”

Superman’s Body Isn’t Everything

It’s important to keep in mind that how muscular the actor who breathes life into Clark isn’t the end-all, be-all of his portrayal. It’s an important aspect, without a doubt, but there’s a lot more that matters.

Such as being a good actor who has the range and depth to show all sides of the hero. From his “Aw, shucks” Clark Kent persona, to his stoic yet friendly demeanor when he’s in the suit and cape. Corenswet might also be called upon to dig deep in his film appearance if the character is put into a tough spot. He may need to be happy, sad, angry, or perhaps all three at once.

But arguably paramount in any version of Supes: He, along with the writing, needs to convey the fact that he stands for “Truth, justice, and a better tomorrow,” which has long been the character’s credo. 

At his best, Superman is someone who looks out for the little guy, even while facing a potentially world-ending scenario. And whether he’s saving a kitten from a tree or punching Brainiac in the face, Corenswet will need to sell it.

The muscles help, but what’s more crucial than that is what’s under the muscles: Superman’s beating heart for the people of Planet Earth. Hopefully, David Corenswet is the right man for the job.

DC Studios’ Superman: Legacy hits theaters on July 11, 2025, and principal photography is set to kick off in early 2024.

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