Gal Gadot Reacts to DC Casting Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement

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Following Henry Cavill's replacement in the DCU as Superman, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot expressed her feelings on the matter.

Cavill's time as the DCU's Superman came to an unceremonious close at the end of 2022, with DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran moving in a different direction for the upcoming reboot.

But after the reveal that plans were still in place for Wonder Woman 3 with Gadot playing Diana Prince, the upcoming DCU reboot got a little more confusing considering the movie may be brought into the main DC timeline.

Gal Gadot Addresses Superman Recasting

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman

Speaking with, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot shared her thoughts on DC Studios replacing Henry Cavill as Superman.

While Gadot hadn't heard who took over the role of Superman from Cavill, she knew about the screen tests taking place behind the scenes for both Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

She also shared her support for the new actors leading the franchise, noting that this movie will be "such an exciting beginning to any actor" and wishing them the best of luck:

"I saw that they were testing, doing different screen tests, but I don’t know who got it, but it seemed like everyone was super legit and talented and, like, great. So I’m happy for them. It’s such a huge take-on and it’s such an exciting beginning to any actor, and I wish whoever it’s going to be the best of luck and enjoy the ride."

This comes just over a month after DC newcomer David Corenswet was announced to play the leading role of Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy, replacing Cavill and setting him up as the entire DCU's leading actor.

This interview was conducted before the current SAG-AFTRA strike went into effect.

Will Gal Gadot Interact with New Superman?

After the report indicating that Gadot wasn't done playing Wonder Woman, all bets are off over whether she'll actually be the main Diana Prince in the new DCU.

With both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck seemingly on their way out after this year, many fans thought the case would be the same for Gadot as Wonder Woman, although this news puts her status into question moving forward.

This also comes after Gunn and Safran announced plans for a Wonder Woman TV show called Paradise Lost, which will tackle the origins of Themyscira in a Game of Thrones-style epic adventure.

At this point, all that's known about the series is that the show will dive deep into Themysciran history to unveil the hidden island's secrets, but there has been no word on which characters will be featured in the story.

But with this Wonder Woman 3 news adding a bit of confusion to Gunn and Safran's confirmed plan for the next few years, only time will tell if Gadot will actually be back in tow or not.

Superman: Legacy will stars the new DCU when it hits theaters on July 11, 2025.

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