Superman & Lois Season 3: Creepy First Footage of Lex Luthor Released

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Superman, Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor

While Superman & Lois Season 3 highlights Lois Lane's battle with breast cancer, fans will see another terrifying foe that could shatter the core of the Kent family like never before. 

After Superman & Lois Season 2 established that the show is not part of the main Arrowverse, fans began to speculate how the series will handle its version of Lex Luthor

Although some were expecting that Jon Cryer will return as the character in the series after a memorable stint in Supergirl, Superman & Lois showrunner Todd Helbing explained that the team wanted to "do [their] own stamp" on the DC villain for Season 3.

This led to Michael Cudlitz's (The Walking Dead) involvement as Superman's arch-nemesis in Season 3. 

Superman & Lois Unveils Its Version of Lex Luthor

The CW officially released a new trailer for Superman & Lois Season 3, showcasing frightening first footage of Michael Cudlitz's Lex Luthor. 

The 40-second promo shows a glimpse of what the show's version of Lex Luthor is up to, confirming that he's behind bars in Stryker's Prison for "two decades:"

Superman & Lois
The CW

The teaser then showed a glimpse of Cudlitz's Lex's time in prison: 

Superman & Lois, The CW
The CW

A conversation between Clark Kent and Lois Lane was also highlighted, with the pair arguing that dealing with Lex is only a matter of "when:" 

Superman & Lois
The CW

The trailer then ends with Lex as a free man, indicating that he will enact his revenge against Superman sometime in Season 3: 

Michael Cudlitz as Lex Luthor
The CW

Watch the trailer below: 

How Lex Luthor Fits in Season 3 (Theory)

The first footage of Lex Luthor in Superman & Lois Season 3 serves as a new hint of what's to come for Clark Kent and Lois Lane when the villain ultimately returns. 

Given that Lex has been in prison for two decades, this would mean that Superman managed to put him behind bars before being married to Lois and having kids. 

It is unknown if this Earth's Lex is aware of Clark's secret identity, but if he is, then it spells even more trouble for the Kent family. In fact, Lex could use Jonathan and Jordan Kent as a means of seeking revenge against Superman. 

If not, then Lex is definitely aware that Lois is a close ally to Superman, meaning that he could put her in danger to lure the Man of Steel out. On top of having breast cancer, Lois clearly has a lot on her plate, and Clark will need to do whatever it takes to protect his wife before it's too late. 

Given that Season 3 already established that Bruno Mannheim is the show's current big bad, there's also a chance that he could be working side by side with Lex, with Michael Cudlitz's villain serving as the one pulling the strings from behind. 

New episodes of Superman & Lois Season 3 premiere on The CW every Tuesday.

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