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Zack Snyder is a controversial name for many fans. Some believe his work to have been the best thing for the DCEU, while others thought his ideas and writing were doing all the characters an injustice. No matter what side one might land on, the fact of the matter is, after Justice League, the DC Universe has never been the same for some characters.

One such hero being Superman. Henry Cavil's Man of Steel hasn't been seen on screen in years, and there's no sign that he will ever return to the role. In fact, instead of using Superman in the upcoming movie The Flash, they went and decided to bring in Supergirl—something which may permanently change the status quo depending on how the film ends.

The Man of Steel couldn't even be used for a brief end of the movie gag during Shazam!.

So when will fans get more of the boy in blue? Sadly, that question doesn't have an answer. Clark Kent's future may still be murky, but it seems another Kryptonian is on their way instead.

Val Zod Superman Adaption Gets Its Writers

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Deadline reported that Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters have been brought aboard to write Val Zod, Michael B. Jordan's Superman project on HBO Max.

The story is set to focus on Val Zod, another Kryptonian with powers just like Clark Kent, and who hails from the very same doomed planet. The Black hero ends up finding refuge on Earth 2. In the comics, the character is adopted much like Kent and even ends up going against a brainwashed Superman.

Metayer and Peters are known for their work on multiple projects, including American Snow, The NolaHannibalCreed II, and the upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Michael B. Jordan's Val Zod is the Future

Many fans are likely apprehensive to give this project a try. After all, Clark Kent has been getting the short end of the stick recently. However, at the end of the day, everyone knows that Clark Kent will be back in some form, at some point in the future; he always does.

For now, though, it's time to give Val Zod the floor, and more importantly, a chance. It is currently unknown if the HBO Max project is set to be a movie or a series.

The project isn't news to most, as discussions about the title have been raging for months. In fact, Michael B. Jordan has even openly mentioned that he has considered taking on the role himself.

With the project being on Earth 2, it immediately distances itself from the continuity of the DCEU. It is immediately comparable to the situation of The Batman. While not directly stated if it is on a different Earth, it is clearly crafting a story in a unique timeline. Maybe one day fans will see those two films collide, and start an entirely new connected world—or maybe The Flash will do that for them. 

The Batman is set for release on March 4, and The Flash will hit theaters on November 4, 2022.

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