Superman's Next TV Show Gets Release Update

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Warner Bros. has given an update on where and when the upcoming My Adventures with Superman animated series will premiere. 

The anime-influenced cartoon My Adventures with Superman will explore a new spin on Clark Kent’s story in its early days, as he befriends Jimmy Olsen and falls in love with Lois Lane, all the while protecting Metropolis as the Man of Steel.

The show was initially planned to air on HBO Max, but those plans have now been altered.

My Adventures with Superman Moves to Adult Swim

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A new press release from Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed that My Adventures with Superman is set to begin airing later this year, but not on HBO Max, as was once on the docket. Instead, the animated program will now release its episodes on the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network.

Additionally, episodes will have encore runs on Cartoon Network’s Toonami after they air.

Series star Jack Quaid, who will voice Clark Kent shared his excitement for the update on Instagram, hyping the series by donning a Superman t-shirt:

"Picked a cool day to wear this shirt. Couldn’t be more excited that My Adventures With Superman is coming to Adult Swim and Toonami later this year! Stay tuned."

Jack Quaid wearing a Superman shirt

What Will My Adventures with Superman Be About?

The show’s official synopsis explains that My Adventures with Superman will center on Clark Kent as he grows into the role of Superman. Meanwhile, Lois Lane, who is rising through the ranks of The Daily Planet as an intrepid reporter, decides to take plucky photographer Jimmy Olsen under her wing.

The show will truly explore what it means to be Superman and Lois Lane. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll be dark and gritty. Just going off of the piece of key art that has been shown for the series, it will be much more comical and lighthearted than recent Superman incarnations.

In addition to Jack Quaid as Clark, My Adventures with Superman will also star Alice Lee as Lois and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy.

The show is lucky to still be set for release, as Warner Bros. Discovery canceled and purged many pieces of released and in-development content last year.

My Adventures with Superman is currently without an exact release date.

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