My Adventures With Superman Makes 3 Major Changes to Clark Kent's Origin

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My Adventures With Superman Clark Kent

My Adventures with Superman provides a modern spin on one of the most classic comic book stories ever told. The new anime-inspired iteration of Superman introduced a young, starry-eyed Clark Kent that's aspiring to find his place in the world, and it takes several liberties from the iconic origin story in doing so. 

The new show on Adult Swim (and also streaming on Max) works fast as it's already established the Man of Tomorrow's backstory and given him a couple of strong companions in Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

But some of the details are vastly different from what fans are used to learning about Earth's extraterrestrial resident. 

1.) Kid Clark Kent Can Fly

Clark Kent, My Adventures with Superman
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For instance, Superman typically gains access to his powers as he grows up, slowly but effectively learning how to master his otherworldly abilities. My Adventures with Superman took a different approach, allowing a young Clark to discover (and master) his powers much more quickly. 

The animated series kicks off its first episode by introducing a young Clark Kent who's gotten his kite stuck in a tree. While Clark is trying to figure out how he'll retrieve his toy, a car comes flying down the road and loses control when it hits a pothole.

Clark Kent, My Adventures with Superman
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Naturally, Clark's instincts kick in and he uses his super speed and strength to keep the car from crashing. What's new, though, is that Clark takes immediate control of his newfound abilities within seconds of learning of them at this young age. 

After saving the car from a potential wreck, Clark returns to the tree holding his kite. As he tries to jump up to get it, he realizes that not only is he super fast and really strong, but he can also fly. Without skipping a beat, Clark then takes flight over the cornfields of Smallville, spinning around and flipping about like an experienced fighter pilot.

It's a refreshing change of pace to have Clark Kent learn of his abilities at this young of an age, and it's exciting to think of the implications of how many years' worth of stories this show will have about a super-powered boy in Smallville, especially with Season 2 already on the horizon

2.) Superman's Suit: An Intergalactic Collaboration

Martha Kent, Clark Kent, My Adventures with Superman
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Old school comics always told the story that Superman's mom made his costume for him. Conversely, the newer iterations of the iconic hero add an extra layer to the classic red-and-blue thread, claiming that Superman's suit holds a more significant meaning to his Kryptonian heritage. 

My Adventures With Superman decided to create a combination of costume ideas from the hero's history. When Clark emerges from the Kryptonian ship sporting a New 52-inspired super suit, Martha jokes that the look was "missing something" before adding the classic trunks that have been missing from Superman's outfit in modern times.

Clark Kent, My Adventures with Superman
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Making the iconic Superman suit come from Clark's extraterrestrial roots while also allowing his Earth mom to make the appropriate adjustments is a clever spin on the Man of Steel's timeless attire, giving it meaning from both sides of his unique origin. 

3.) Superman's Escape Pod Is Alive

Clark Kent, My Adventures with Superman
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When Clark activates his powers for the first time in My Adventures with Superman, his eyes glow blue and he is surrounded by sparks of electricity. This happens a second time to adult Clark, this time displaying a blue luminous Superman logo that hovers above his chest as his powers overcome him. 

The Kryptonian escape pod that brought Superman to Earth, which is buried in the middle of a Smallville field, was also illuminated when this happened. Clark appears to have a biological connection with the ship, as it only activates otherwise when he steps onto it.

Clark Kent, My Adventures with Superman
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What's more, the pod appears to have grown larger in the time it's been underground. The spaceship was no larger than the average man when it arrived on Earth with baby Clark, but when Superman revisited his origins in his twenties, it had grown to the size of a little league field in diameter and the inside looked like a command center. If the pod grows any larger, Superman's Fortress of Solitude may end up being in the middle of a cornfield.

There are several implications that the ship that Clark was sent to Earth in may have just as much of a purpose as the Kryptonian son himself. A new Kryptonian subplot surrounding the alien race's technology is another breath of fresh air as Superman will have plenty on his plate in the new animated adventure. 

The first two episodes of My Adventures with Superman are now streaming on Max

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