My Adventures With Superman Sets Up Major Villain Twist With Lois Lane

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My Adventures with Superman has finally revealed its main villain, and it put another major twist on the classic love story between Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

The new animated show has also been setting up a big development involving Clark Kent and the technology that brought him from Krypton to Earth. As it turns out, the tech related to Superman may have an unexpected connection to Lois Lane as well. 

Clark and Lois have been investigating dangerous new technology being circulated on the black market by Intergang, and they came across a group of giant, Sentinel-style robots that put up a good fight against the Man of Steel.

My Adventures With Superman Introduces The General 

Superman General

Since My Adventures with Superman began, the animated series has implied that the Kryptonian kid from Kansas will have a deeper connection to the spaceship that brought him to Earth. Now, it seems that a new villain called The General is using mysterious technology that can harm Clark, and its origin may be closer to Superman than expected.

The General seems to have special access to this mysterious technology via a secret US Government program as Amanda Waller also joined him on the battlefield. If that wasn't enough, he’s also contracted a high-tech hitman named Wilson to retrieve any of the technology the villain Livewire fed to the black market, ensuring The General's secret program is the only place this hyper-advanced technology can be found. 

In Episode 5, The General revealed himself as the one creating and implementing these super-sentinels. He used both Agent Wilson and the giant robots to relentlessly beat on Superman, and The General only called them off when he risked being seen by the public.

Episode 6 ended its 20-minute run by doubling down on The General’s commitment to stopping Superman, showing that he’ll even go as far as recruiting the hero’s former foes from prison to assist him in his attempt to “rip (Superman) from the sky.” 

Superman vs An Actual Army? 

A secret US government program assembled to suppress super-powered people isn't the craziest idea in comic books these days; what's especially interesting about My Adventures with Superman's latest villain is his motivation and identity. 

Although he has yet to be referred to by name, some fans believe "The General” in My Adventures with Superman to be US Army General Sam Lane, aka Lois Lane's father. Sam Lane appears in multiple manifestations of Man of Steel media, typically butting heads with Superman more times than not. 

Superman and Lois

The animated General is drawn to resemble the same ethnicity as the show's new Korean Lois Lane, and Lois has spoken several times about her father and his cruel, unrelenting style of parenting which certainly aligns with the behaviors of The General in My Adventures with Superman

If the unnamed General turns out to be Lois Lane's dad, this may be another unique fold in the Man of Steel’s new animated series. The General said he wants to "bury (Superman) so deep the world won't even remember his name," so this development would likely put Lois in the most difficult spot she's been in having to choose between Superman or her own family. 

Why Is The General Fighting Superman?

Superman Lois General

Despite The General's mysterious identity, though, the most intriguing detail of the new villain is his motivation. When he clashed with Clark Kent, Superman had a vision from his arrival on Earth that showed a younger version of The General looking up to the sky. 

This may be implying that The General witnessed Superman's fall to Earth, which means he likely found the wreckage with technology he didn't understand and no one was there to explain it to him. This could mean that he took some Kryptonian tech and reverse-engineered it himself or came up with his own advanced answer to the otherworldly problem, but it would certainly explain his irrational hate for Superman. 

The General likely already assumes the Man of Steel is an alien that threatens global security (or whatever political term fits as the proper excuse to show extreme prejudice toward the world's greatest superhero). He may be masking his fear as misplaced patriotism, but chances are high that The General is a step ahead of Superman with this new, mysterious technology. 

Clark Kent will have a lot on his plate now, juggling his already-rocky relationship with Lois Lane and trying to figure out the details of his origin. Now, he'll keep trying to find the details of his origin while the man who may be Lois' father will use the details of Clark's past against him. 

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman air every Friday on Adult Swim and are available for streaming the following day on Max

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