My Adventures With Superman: Lois Lane's Dark Twist Explained

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My Adventures With Superman Lois

My Adventures with Superman introduced yet another villain in its latest episode and Lois Lane is revealed to be at the center of another twist in the iconic comic book story. 

Many fans believe Lois’s father will be revealed as the show's latest villain, but the aspiring Daily Planet reporter may now be a threat to Superman, too. 

Whether it’s digging through Clark Kent’s past looking for answers or investigating black market tech used by the Man of Tomorrow's latest foes, Lois Lane’s importance to My Adventures with Superman continues to grow larger. 

Will Superman’s Newest Villain Be Lois Lane?

Lois Lane, My Adventures with Superman

In Episode 7 of My Adventures with Superman, Lois Lane is confronted by various versions of herself from across the multiverse. They call themselves the League of Lois Lanes and claim to be “an interdimensional peacekeeping force,” but they really only care about protecting the multiverse from evil versions of Superman

While aboard the League's ship, the show’s main Lois Lane was able to access "the knowledge of the multiverse" on their computer.

Superman, My Adventures with Superman

Of course, Superman was the first thing Lois searched in the database, and the file system spit out a mysterious sphere that later revealed footage of alternate Supermen destroying worlds across the multiverse. 

Also within the orb was a small, green shard—presumably a piece of Kryptonite. Additionally, the League of Lois Lanes apparently weaponized Kryptonite as they also used guns that projected Kryptonite-infused lasers that weakened the show's main Man of Steel. 

Lois Gets Kryptonite From The Multiverse

Lois Lane, My Adventures with Superman

A main focal point of Episode 7 was how nearly every version of Lois Lane has won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism except the show's main version of the character. 

The episode later used this detail to show Lois that each universe's Superman can be different, and not all of them turn out to be good

Lois had just explained that she was going to help him figure out the details of Clark Kent's past, but this new information may take the young journalist in a different direction entirely.

Superman, My Adventures with Superman

Because she doesn't yet know the harm it could cause, Lois Lane may become an unintentional villain of Superman by bringing the Kryptonite near him. 

In fact, My Adventures with Superman could spend an entire episode investigating Clark's first time getting sick while Lois is carrying a piece of Kryptonite wherever they go. 

Knowing Lois Lane's impulsivity in My Adventures with Superman thus far, it wouldn't be surprising if she takes the Kryptonite shard and investigates Clark's hidden ship in Smallville, as the episode opened with Clark revealing his underground fortress to Lois and Jimmy. 

As for the incredibly hostile League of Lois Lanes, they'll surely be back eventually to monitor the young Superman. 

Additionally, it's not certain exactly how much Kryptonite the League has access to, so they may find a way back to the universe belonging to My Adventures with Superman for more reasons than one. 

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman air every Friday night on Adult Swim and are available for streaming the following day on Max

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