My Adventures With Superman's Mr. Mxyzptlk Twist Ending Explained

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Thanks to Mr. Mxyzptlk, My Adventures With Superman offered a massive twist for both the show and the titular hero’s overall story.

So far, the DC show has provided a refreshing and unique take on Superman’s origin story—focusing heavily on his close friends, Jimmy and Lois.

While villains haven't really been in the spotlight for most of the show, a few have shown their faces: Live Wire, Parasite, Slade Wilson, and the mysterious General being among the select bad guys.

But in the most recent episode, the Choas God Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up and briefly exposes Clark Kent to the Multiverse. This leads to an exciting twist ending that could be one of the show’s biggest departures yet.

Mr. Mxyzptlk's Gift In 'My Adventures With Superman'

After her brief Multiversal adventure in My Adventures With Superman Episode 7, Lois Lane gets home from her eventful day only for the show to offer up one more big twist, giving the reporter the surprise of her life.

The file she stole from the League of Loises ends up activating, revealing footage of Clark Kent’s Superman—though not quite the one she knows. Instead, these versions of the hero are evil. He can be seen destroying cities and likely killing hundreds if not thousands of people.

My Adventures With Superman
DC Comics

Making matters worse, Mr. Mxyzptlk isn’t in prison like everyone thought. Instead, he’s now positioned next to Lois Lane, reveling in her confusion.

My Adventures With Superman, Lois Lane, Mr. Mxyzptlk

The file doesn’t just contain a digital bombshell either; it also holds a shard of Kryptonite.

My Adventures With Superman, Lois Lane
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Mxyzptlk knows full well what the mysterious gem is, but he doesn’t offer that info up to Lois. Instead, he’s joyful to watch it all play out. The villain looks to be exceedingly curious about how it will all play out.

My Adventures With Superman, Lois Lane, Mr. Mxyzptlk
DC Comics

What will Lois do with the Kryptonite? And just how much will those glimpses into Superman’s evil Multiverse self affect how she sees her own Clark?

My Adventures With Superman, Lois Lane
DC Comics

Superman's Kryptonite Is in Lois Lane's Hands

It’s hard to imagine this show’s Lois Lane doing anything to hurt Clark purposefully.

Similarly, many fans might find it difficult to believe that this version of Superman will turn evil—as there's been virtually no signs of that happening. Many of the worst Superman Variants (such as Injustice's) are often missing one key person in their life: Lois Lane.

So, provided Lois stays alive and well, Clark Kent should do fine. Though, if all the Lois Lanes in the League of Lois still have their Supermen, perhaps the needed circumstances for an evil Kryptonian aren't so cut and dry.

When the newly acquired Kryptonite gets around to affecting Superman, it will likely do so unintentionally–seeing as Lois still has no idea what the green rock does. Now, plenty of hardship can be avoided if the two simply talk and communicate.

Obviously, Mr. Mxyzptlk might find that chain of events extremely boring. This would undoubtedly lead to the Chaos God interfering to make things more exciting for himself.

While many fans might feel that Multiverse stories have been played out recently, My Adventures With Superman uniquely utilizes those concepts by teaching its leading characters about Clark Kent’s origins and powers through new avenues. The show, in general, is also working hard to shuffle up how Clark’s story usually plays out—and giving Lois the first chunk of Kryptonite in her universe is a perfect example.

My Adventures With Superman is now streaming on Max.

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