My Adventures With Superman Makes 4 Key Changes to Lois Lane

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Lois Lane, My Adventures with Superman

My Adventures with Superman has made some exciting changes to the most familiar faces in the classic comic book story, including Lois Lane. 

As for the Man of Steel himself, he may still be tall, dark, and handsome, but the details of his origin have made some major shifts

Some fans may have been jarred by how quickly the young Clark Kent became accustomed to his otherworldly powers, and his implied biological connection to the Kryptonian ship that brought him to Earth offers a fresh take on the Man of Steel. 

These changes to Superman's background aren't the only origin-altering adjustments being made to the DC story as Clark's love interest, Lois, also appears to be quite different than what most fans are used to. 

1.) A More Culturally-Inclusive Lois Lane 

Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen in My Adventures with Superman
Warner Bros.

My Adventures with Superman decided it was time to change Lois Lane's heritage and indicate that she is of East Asian descent in the show. The character even wears an outfit inspired by the hanbok at one point, a piece of traditional Korean clothing.

Additionally, Lois is voiced by South Korean voice actress Alice Lee, which is also a first for the iconic DC character. 

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
Margot Kidder

Before this animated series began, Lois Lane was always portrayed as Caucasian in any Superman media. Perhaps the most iconic on-screen Lois Lane created this precedent, as the late actress Margot Kidder set the standard for how great Lois can be as a character in the fan-favorite Christopher Reeve Superman movies (if they still exist). 

2.) Lois Lane Has a Different Job 

Lois Lane and Superman
Warner Bros.

In My Adventures with Superman, Lois Lane is still chasing the biggest news story she can find. Her biggest responsibility at work, though, is getting everyone's coffee. 

Lois is doing everything she can to break into the reporting game and prove her worth at The Daily Planet, but the paper's editor, Perry White, is intercepting every good scoop she gets and redirecting it to his top news squad. 

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
Margot Kidder

The name Lois Lane is almost synonymous with The Daily Planet as she's always been portrayed as the newspaper's best reporter. In My Adventures with Superman, though, Lois is just a lowly intern with little-to-no credibility. 

The show is already alluding to Lois advancing in the workplace since Clark is now bringing her coffee. If she's going to get her spot in the Planet's columns, though, the new Lois Lane is going to have to start from the very bottom. 

3.) Lois Lane: Bold, Assertive, & Expressive 

Lois Lane
Warner Bros.

Lois Lane is typically portrayed as a professional, no-nonsense reporter that has no time for games. She rarely loses her cool, mainly because she understands that she can't afford to. 

That wisdom and poise must come with age because Lois in My Adventures with Superman is much goofier and more energetic as she runs right into chaos to get a good scoop, even if it means going directly against her boss's wishes. 

Margot Kidder as Lois Lane
Margot Kidder

Most fans are used to a much more laid-back Lois Lane that reports from the sidelines and moonlights as Superman's damsel in distress. In My Adventures with Superman, however, Lois is on the scene and helping citizens steer clear of danger just as much as she's trying to get a good story from them. 

4.) Lois Falls for Clark, Not Superman 

Clark Kent holding Lois Lane
Warner Bros.

Even Lois Lane's relationship with Superman is flipped on its head in the new animated series, which may be the biggest change of all. Lois seems to have eyes for her new coworker, Clark Kent, and is more worried about him than she is about chasing the Man of Steel around the city. 

Lois Lane and Superman
Margot Kidder, Christopher Reeve

Traditionally, Lois falls in love with Superman while Clark is in love with Lois, creating a unique love triangle between the two characters. My Adventures with Superman has forgone this dynamic as Clark and Lois seem to be falling in love with each other while Lois seems more curious about Superman's origin than his dinner plans.

While the love triangle between Superman, Clark, and Lois makes for some great storytelling, the Kryptonian Son still has all the pieces of a hopeless romantic that can bring the same flame that fans expect from Superman and Lois. 

This change is another great example of how My Adventures with Superman is offering fans plenty of new details to love about the Man of Steel while still enjoying his familiar tales. 

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman air every Friday on Adult Swim and are available for streaming the following day on Max

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