'My Adventures With Superman' FINALLY Reveals How Lois Lane Learns Clark's Secret

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Superman has gone to great lengths to keep his identity as Clark Kent concealed, but his love interest Lois Lane has always been keen on revealing the Man of Steel’s greatest secret. 

Lois Lane has learned that Clark Kent is Superman in a number of ways on television and in other Man of Tomorrow media, most times by her own discovery or discernment.

Never has she figured it out as quickly as she has in My Adventures with Superman, though, as Lois Lane figures out that Clark Kent is Superman by the end of the fourth episode. 

Lois has been investigating the mysterious Superman since the show began, but she's made little progress getting past the great lengths the Kryptonian hero has taken to hide his identity. Lois is contributing more to her investigative journalism than she realizes, though, as it's actually her new love affair with Clark that tipped her off that Superman is hiding in plain sight. 

Lois Lane Discovers Clark Kent Is Superman 

Early in Episode 4 of My Adventures with Superman, Clark is running interference in Lois Lane's Superman investigation because she's already getting too close to the mysterious superhero. 

Smallville newspaper
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He finds a newspaper entry in one of her books that details an unknown boy in Smallville, Kansas that had been spotted flying through the air. Knowing Lois is aware that he's from the small Kansas town and that she'd likely connect the dots, Clark impulsively tore the page out of the book and shoved the news story into his jacket pocket. 

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Later, Clark absentmindedly lends that same jacket to Lois that night and she wears it back to the Daily Planet to submit their work for the day. Before she leaves, Lois begins piecing together reported events of who she doesn't yet realize is Clark using his superpowers before they met. 

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When Lois gets frustrated that she can't identify the unknown hero, she shoves her hands into her oversized-jacket pockets only to find the missing piece she needed: Clark's torn-out newspaper clipping of the "Flying Boy of Kansas." 

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At that moment, Lois begins to realize what this means. She remembers noticing how naturally strong Clark Kent is, and how Superman always shows up right as Clark disappears from a scene of trouble. 

The pieces fall into place, and Lois exclaims, "Clark Kent is Superman?" 

How Will Lois Lane React to Superman's Secret? 

Being the great investigative journalist that she is, Lois Lane has figured out Superman’s alter ego on her own several times. For instance, the classic 90s show Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ended its second season by revealing that Lois uncovered the truth about the Man of Tomorrow before Clark Kent could tell her.

Another example is the long-running show Smallville which featured a younger Clark Kent, where Lois figured out Clark's big secret before he was even called Superman. 

Lois Lane put the pieces together even more quickly in My Adventures with Superman, but many stars had to align for the aspiring reporter to learn the hero's true identity. Ironically, it's ultimately Clark's new romance with Lois that gave away his lifelong secret, so it'll be interesting to see how Lois navigates their relationship given this huge revelation. 

Speaking of romance, some fans were curious to learn why Lois was falling for Clark and not Superman. This new dynamic further confirms that the animated series is offering some fresh drama between Lois and Clark since the Man of Steel is already in hot water for keeping big secrets. 

This will also make for another fun, new layer of Lois Lane that fans haven't seen before. In My Adventures with Superman, Lois is cunning and constantly conspiring; it wouldn't be surprising to see her use this newfound knowledge to coax Clark into helping her write a good Superman story. 

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