My Adventures With Superman Confirms Lois Lane's Age-Gap With Clark Kent

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My Adventures with Superman confirmed the age gap between lovebirds Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

The duo's relationship is a pinnacle element of their stories across all media. Not only are they important to each other, but they are one of the most well-known love interests in all of pop culture.

Max's latest animated Superman series puts the iconic lovers under the microscope as it explores how they met and details adventures the two shared as Lois first got to know Clark, both as a reporter and a Kryptonian superhero.

So far, this has included run-ins with Parasite, Live Wire, a mad scientist gorilla, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and more.

What Is the Age Gap Between Superman & Lois?

Superman and Lois in My Adventures with Superman

Jake Wyatt, co-showrunner of My Adventures With Superman, lets fans know the age gap between Lois Lane and Superman in the show.

According to Wyatt on X/Twitter, he "thinks Clark and Jimmy are 1 year younger" than Lois Lane.

My Adventures With Superman has established that Lois Lane and Clark Kent are in their young twenties given their positions as interns at the Daily Planet.

The show's sixth episode confirmed that Lois is 23 years old, making Clark 22 years old based on Wyatt's comment.

In the comics, the exact ages of the two characters is a complicated subject that doesn't always have a straightforward answer.

Often, Lois Lane is portrayed as either roughly the same age as Clark Kent or slightly older. One of the few times where their ages are officially confirmed is for Smallville, where Lois is one year older than Clark.

While the characters' ages aren't often specifically discussed and explored, a notable age gap can be seen between the actors on most occasions. 

In the original Superman film, Margot Kidder was four years older than Christopher Reeve.

However, for Superman Returns, which acted as a pseudo-sequel to Reeve's films, Kate Bosworth, who played Lois Lane, was four years younger than Brandon Routh’s Clark Kent.

For 2013's Man of Steel, Amy Adams was nine years older than Henry Cavill's leading hero.

Why Does Lois Lane Tend To Be Older?

So why does Lois Lane often seem to be angled as the older of the two? In many cases, it correlates to her experience as a reporter compared to Clark—in which she tends to be a few steps ahead of Kent in that arena.

However, for My Adventures with Superman, despite them being officially one year apart, the age gap might as well not be there. For all intents and purposes, they seem to not only be about the same age but also at the same stages in their life and career.

Perhaps stories always tend to want a younger-looking Clark Kent simply due to his Kryptonian physiology.

Either way, as is often the case, the two are perfectly suited for each other no matter their age.

Though, as Mr. Mxyzptlk was happy to prove to Lois, not every instance of their relationship in the Multiverse works out well.

My Adventures With Superman is now streaming on Max.

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