My Adventures With Superman Spoils Lois Lane Twist In New Trailer

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My Adventures with Superman just released a new trailer of its upcoming Episode 7, and it spoils a big twist involving Lois Lane. 

The new animated series has featured a variety of fresh challenges for Lois Lane and Clark Kent to face, and the show has made some major changes to the characters while still staying true to the core of the classic DC characters. 

Lois has been a major focus of My Adventures with Superman, and she's closer to the trouble in Metropolis in this show than ever before. 

My Adventures With Superman Trailer Spoils Lois Lane Multiverse

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A new promotional trailer for My Adventures with Superman revealed a major detail involving Lois Lane that’ll be explored in the upcoming Episode 7, and it involves... the multiverse?

In an unexpected turn, the 15-second clip teased yet another multimedia multiverse story, but this time it’s Lois Lane meeting her interdimensional doppelgängers. 

Lois and Jimmy are shown walking through an alley when a portal opens in front of them. Three figures step through the portal, and they all introduce themselves as Lois Lane (or “Lewis Lane,” the male version of Lois that also appears). 

Another clip from Episode 7 also teases multiverse implications when the interdimensional imp Mister Mxyzptlk appears looking for Superman's help. 

Enter: Mister Mxyzptlk and Multiple Lois Lanes

Mr. Mxyzptlk, My Adeventures with Superman

Fans are probably scratching their heads after watching that trailer wondering why My Adventures with Superman is taking this unexpected detour through the Multiverse. However, it comes with a dash of familiarity thanks to the imp Mister Mxyzptlk, an otherworldly magical creature that occasionally visits Earth specifically to bug Superman. 

Lois Lane also has a connection to Mister Mxyzptlk as the imp actually disguised himself as a human and convinced Lois to marry him at one point in DC Comics. Superman intervened but he had to use his brainpower to beat the cunning creature. The show's revamped Lois Lane likely wouldn't take too kindly to this idea given her reaction to Clark Kent's big secret

Since then, the mischievous Mister Mxyzptlk hasn't caused any real harm; he can just be really annoying. He certainly seems whimsical in the short clip for Episode 7, and he looks more otherworldly than ever before. It's anyone's guess as to why he's showing up now, though, as there surely weren't many viewers expecting My Adventures with Superman to go this direction so early on. 

Lois Lane Gets The Multiverse Treatment

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Until now, the focus of My Adventures with Superman has largely been on the relationship between Lois and Clark as well as Superman’s otherworldly origin. Even the most devoted fans of the Man of Steel likely didn’t expect a Lois Lane multiverse story after the first 6 episodes of this show. 

This adds even more importance to the show’s revamped Lois Lane, who has quickly become just as important as her super-powered counterpart. This new Multiverse development leans further into the idea that Lois will have just as big of a connection to this season’s main antagonist as Superman will--if not bigger. 

This new direction could also imply further changes to Superman's origins. If the idea of a Multiverse is already being explored, then even Krypton could be from another universe. That would be one of the show's biggest changes to the Man of Steel's backstory, but it wouldn't be surprising as the scale of Superman's journey seems larger than ever in this new animated series. 

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman air every Friday night on Adult Swim and are available for streaming the following day on Max

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