My Adventures With Superman Episode 10 Twist Sets Up Season 2 Villains

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The big season finale of My Adventures With Superman just set up two staple villains for Clark Kent to go up against in Season 2.

This article contains spoilers for My Adventures With Superman Episode 10.

One would think that after defeating Anthony Ivo and saving the city, Superman could use a day off. Sadly, fate had a different plan.

Namely, that included throwing Clark Kent into a family Thanksgiving with The General—also known as Lois Lane’s father, who is trying to kidnap and kill his superhero alter ego. To make things worse, Superman is poisoned with Kryptonite, leading to his hidden Kryptonian ship initiating offensive countermeasures and seemingly starting another invasion of Earth.

After some emotional moments, Superman is able to pull through and save Earth once again—but it’s clear that this is only the beginning of a much larger story.

My Adventures With Superman Sets Up Key Villains for Season 2

After Superman saves the day and disables the invading ship in the finale, fans are shown a mysterious figure watching over the destructive aftermath.

My Adventures With Superman

From there, the cloaked being flies over a destroyed city on a ravaged planet. There, it speaks to another unidentified figure.

My Adventures With Superman

The figure (voiced by Michael Emerson) speaks to this second person, telling them that they “found a new planet.”

While Emmerson's character warns that they are in rebellion, this second person doesn’t seem too worried, as he’s convinced that “they will kneel.”

That line, along with the symbol on his chest, confirmed him to be this show’s version of General Zod.

My Adventures With Superman

While the first robot-like figure is never identified by name, the markings on him are clear: it’s Brainiac—at least, it’s some version of the villain.

My Adventures With Superman

General Zod, or Dru-Zod, is one of Superman’s most famous enemies.

The warlord’s clan was a big deal on Krypton before its destruction. The Zods were focused on the military, whereas the Els (Superman’s family) were scientists.

In many versions of the big bad’s stories, Zod attempted to overthrow Krypton’s leadership council in an attempt to save the planet from its impending doom.

As for Brainiac, while his design and form have changed countless times over the decades, he is always an alien artificial intelligence who holds a unique unquenchable thirst for knowledge—something that generally leads to death on a grand scale.

What Are Brainiac and General Zod Up to?

General Zod, Brainiac

While My Adventures With Superman generally avoided big staple villains in its first season, that doesn't appear to be the plan going forward.

They aren’t just taking a small step forward either, as Brainiac and General Zod teaming up is no small thing. But what exactly do the two have planned?

It almost seems like Brainiac is a subordinate to General Zod. Perhaps audiences will watch that partnership deteriorate, leading to the artificial intelligence becoming a much more threatening version of itself.

Another important question for the duo is this: Did the duo play any role in the downfall of Krypton?

While Zod’s face wasn’t revealed, one would have to imagine there’s definitely a Kryptonian under all that armor. After all, it wouldn’t be the same iconic villain if it were anything else.

As for Brainiac, fans are left with an avalanche of questions.

Is that THE Brainiac, or simply a drone? Exactly how close to the infamous big bad will the show get? Because, as of right now, this iteration seems extremely different.

Needless to say, Clark Kent is definitely going to be thrown into the deep end of the pool when the evil duo arrives to claim Earth. But will the Man of Steel be able to do anything to stop them?

My Adventures With Superman is now streaming on Max.

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