DC Prevented Superman's Most Iconic Villain from Appearing In New Superman TV Show

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Superman's latest animated TV show, My Adventures With Superman, could not use one of the Kryptonian's most iconic villains.

Complete with a few big changes to Clark Kent, My Adventures With Superman is pushing forward into Season 2 with a new set of challenges for the Man of Steel and company.

Season 1 set up teases for big bads such as Brainiac and General Zod, although the series avoided arguably the character's most notable antagonist.

Superman TV Show Prevented From Using Huge Villain

Alex/Lex Luthor in My Adventures With Superman
My Adventures With Superman

Speaking with Cinema Blend, My Adventures With Superman co-showrunner Jake Wyatt explained how the show was prevented from using iconic Superman villain Lex Luthor in the series.

Wyatt explained how producer Brendan Clougher "sneakily backdoored Lex in" after being given "a no Lex Luthor mandate" in the first two seasons. He used an assistant for Professor Ivo named Alex, slyly hinting that it could potentially be Lex Luthor as he pushed for the character's inclusion:

"And just so you know, Brendan sneakily backdoored Lex in. We were given a no Lex Luthor mandate for the show for Seasons 1 and 2, and Brendan said, ‘Ok,’ and then he's like, 'Ivo’s gonna have an assistant and his name is gonna be Alex.' And we're like, 'Is this Lex?' And he's like, 'Maybe. And then our execs are like, ‘Is this Lex?' And he's like, 'If you want him to be.' And then he got his way. It was so aggressive to watch, this was like a year and a half long campaign to get Lex into the show."

This came after producer Jessie Cambell shared in October 2023 that Warner Bros. restricted the use of multiple characters in Season 1, including General Zod, Lex Luthor, and Brainiac.

What Will Happen With My Adventures With Superman 2 Villains?

Outside of the teases for Brainiac and General Zod, fans have learned that Lex Luthor will officially debut in My Adventures With Superman Season 2.

A trailer released in early May confirmed his appearance in Season 2 as he introduced himself to Amanda Waller, already looking to take down the Man of Steel as soon as possible.

Fans also see early signs of anti-alien sentiments growing in this universe's version of Metropolis, seen most recently for Clark Kent in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Trailers then confirmed the introduction of Kara-Zor El, better known to fans as Supergirl. She will give Clark a different kind of family as he faces his biggest threats to date.

The first four episodes of My Adventures With Superman Season 2 are now streaming on Max.

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