My Adventures With Superman Season 2: New Video Teases Lex Luthor's Arrival

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Superman from My Adventures with Superman, Lex Luthor

A new piece of promo material for My Adventures With Superman teased supervillain Lex Luthor’s incoming arrival in Season 2.

The Boys star Jack Quaid’s take on the Man of Steel faced more than his fair share of ultra-powerful antagonists in Season 1 on Max, including Doctor Ivo, the Mist, Heat Wave, and Livewire.

The show's production team even teased that they're holding off on introducing more iconic Superman villains like Lex Luthor until later seasons, even though the seeds have to be sown at some point for this version of Clark Kent.

Lex Luthor Teased for My Adventures With Superman Season 2

The official Superman Instagram page shared a short video highlighting a clip of Superman from the Flamebird app run by Jimmy Olsen during Season 1.

The video shows Superman flying through the air with his cape flowing in the wind, with comments coming in asking how the footage was taken.

Flamebird app, Superman

Interestingly, one comment on the video came from an account under the name "Lexcorpofficial" saying "Interesting stuff!," indicating that this universe's Lex Luthor already has his eyes on the Man of Steel ahead of Season 2.

Lexcorpofficial comment on Superman video

The full video can be seen below:

How Big Will Lex Luthor's Role Be?

With General Zod and Brainiac already directly set up as antagonists for My Adventures With Superman Season 2, there's no telling how much Lex Luthor will be involved with the next set of episodes.

But taking into account that Lex Luthor is arguably Superman's biggest adversary from DC Comics, he's expected to show up in person soon, especially with one tease from Season 1.

Episode 8 featured an AmazoTech employee named Alex who proposed that "Superman is a criminal," with many believing that this could be this universe's version of Lex Luthor that will take the spotlight later on.

And with Warner Bros. going so far as to restrict Luthor's inclusion in the first season to give fans something fresh, it seems to be only a matter of time until he takes his rightful place opposite the Last Son of Krypton.

My Adventures With Superman Season 1 is now streaming on Max.

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