My Adventures With Superman Reveals Why Lex Luthor Hates Superman

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Superman Lex Luthor

My Adventures with Superman just introduced its own version of Lex Luthor, and the iconic villain from DC Comics is already expressing why he hates the Man of Steel. 

The creators of My Adventures with Superman recently shared that they wanted to save Lex Luthor for later seasons of the series, but the Man of Tomorrow just isn't the same without the bald-headed billionaire trying to take him down. 

Earlier in the animated series, Superman stopped AmazoTech CEO Anthony Ivo from unleashing some dangerous new technology. When Ivo fought back, it left the AmazoTech Tower in ruins. 

Fans of the show know that Superman was only at the AmazoTech tower to stop Ivo and his harmful weaponry. When a former AmazoTech employee named "Alex" recounts the events, though, he says Superman is to blame for the damage that has been done. 

Lex Luthor Hates Superman's Power 

Alex and Vicki Vale, My Adventures with Superman

When Lois is tasked with helping top-tier news reporter Vicki Vale gather dirt on Superman in Episode 8, she encounters a bitter AmazoTech employee named Alex whose only proposition is that "Superman is a criminal." 

Many fans believe the show’s begrudged “Alex” to be My Adventures with Superman’s version of Lex Luthor from DC Comics—one of Superman’s greatest foes that has always sought after the downfall of the Kryptonian kid. 

Lex Luthor, Kryptonite

While "Lex" and "Alex" likely both derive from the name "Alexander Luthor" in DC Comics, most fans are used to seeing Lex Luthor without any hair on his head. Luthor hasn't always been hairless, though, as he did once have luscious red locks in the comics, just like Alex does in My Adventures with Superman

Alex menacingly explains that Superman “destroyed (the AmazoTech) tower, bankrupted AmazoTech, and put thousands out of work, including (him),” using this as proof that Superman can only do harm. 

Alex and Anthony Ivo in My Adventures With Superman

Alex asserts that Superman is so powerful that, if the Kryptonian kid simply had a “bad day,” it could “spell the end of the world,” which even Lois Lane couldn’t refute given her own recent doubts about Clark’s true nature. 

Lex Luthor vs. Superman Adventures

Alexander in My Adventures With Superman

Lex Luthor has always had an obsession with building technology to rival Superman's power, so it would be a very natural progression to see Alex go down the same route. If he truly hates the Man of Steel and blames him for the downfall of AmazoTech and his own unemployment, he'll likely continue using Superman as an excuse to build bigger, badder technology using his own name to take Superman down, much like in DC Comics. 

Alex's misleading eye-witness account is a classic Lex Luthor move, blurring the lines of reality to justify his fear of Superman's power. It’ll be interesting to see what Alex does next with his former boss still under the control of The General; Alex may begin building his own company by the end of the show’s first season. 

New episodes of My Adventures with Superman air every Friday night on Adult Swim and are available for streaming the following day on Max

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