My Adventures With Superman Spoils Batman Character's Debut In New Trailer

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A new teaser for Max's My Adventures With Superman just spoiled the arrival of a key Batman character. 

Clark Kent's latest story has been quite eventful. Not only has Lois Lane already learned his super-powered secret, but the Man of Steel has already gone up against Live Wire, Parasite, Task Force X, the General, and more.

Most recently, Mr. Mxyzptlk showed up in Clark's universe to stir up some chaos. The intimidating League of Lois even followed the tricky villain', who was just one of many DC Comics character to appear in the series. 

Vicki Vale Arrives in Metropolis... Batman to Follow?

A new trailer for My Adventures With Superman spoiled the arrival of a long-time Batman character, Vicki Vale.

The very brief teaser has The Daily Planet's Perry White telling Lois Lane that Vale is going to be a guest editorial writer for the paper.

My Adventures With Superman, Vicky Vale
DC Comics

Vale is an iconic character in Batman's long history. She's been a long-time part Dark Knight lore across the comics and various other media—including the 1989 Michael Keaton-led movie.

Batman, Vicky Vale
DC Comics

Vale got her introduction in Batman #49 in October 1948, where she was intentionally meant to mirror Lois Lane as a fellow reporter.

Over the decades she's played a role in dozens of stories following the Caped Crusader and the Bat-Family. At one point, she even deduces who all of their secret identities are.

With Vicki Vale poised to play a role in Clark Kent's life, Batman likely isn't very far behind.

Batman, Vicky Vale
DC Comics

The entire teaser can be seen below:

Where There's Vicki Vale There's Bruce Wayne

A famous reporter like Vicki Vale is undoubtedly going to offer up some entertaining Lois Lane story bits in the animated Superman series. One can easily assume that there'll also be plenty of competition between the two reporters.

Hopefully, the visiting Gotham reporter will be able to share a handful of stories about her home city. Maybe she will even name-drop Bruce Wayne or Batman himself.

While Vicki Vale's arrival in Metropolis doesn't confirm an appearance by Batman, it does make the possibility more likely.

The timing of this connection to the Dark Knight's world is also notable. The ending of Episode 7 blatantly teased Superman's capability of going bad and posing a threat to the entire world—something that would end up on Batman's radar.

My Adventures With Superman is now streaming on Max.

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