My Adventures With Superman Final Episode Reveals Major Jimmy Olsen Twist

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Jimmy Olsen My Adventures With Superman

The final episode of Adult Swim and Max's animated My Adventures With Superman series brought a wild twist to this universe's Jimmy Olsen.

Alongside Jack Quaid's Clark Kent and Alice Lee's Lois Lane, Ishmel Sahid gave the greater DC Universe a new take on Jimmy Olsen as the trio started their run as reporters at the Daily Planet.

Going through some major changes from his comic origin in the same way that happened for Clark and Lois alike, Jimmy stood by his friends' sides all the way through the finale, with one event even setting him up for a wild future.

Jimmy Olsen's Big Moment in My Adventures With Superman Finale

Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, My Adventures With Superman

Episode 10 of My Adventures With Superman revealed a major twist centered on Jimmy Olsen, specifically to his work with his Flamebird social media brand.

Jimmy Olsen, My Adventures With Superman

Perry White, Jimmy's boss at the Daily Planet, held Olsen back for a moment at the beginning of the episode to talk about Flamebird, which Olsen ran for the entire season as he shared videos of Superman's antics across Metropolis:

"I need you to stay Olsen. We need to talk... about Flamebird."

Jimmy Olsen, My Adventures With Superman

Due to Flamebird's success, White and the Daily Planet purchased Olsen's site for an astounding $5.6 million price tag, making Jimmy rich beyond his wildest dreams as he told his friends at Thanksgiving dinner:

"Oh, right. I sold Flamebird to the Daily Planet for $5.6 million. I'm super rich now."

My Adventures With Superman, Jimmy Olsen's phone, Flamebird

This has many fans believing that, with Jimmy's newfound fortune, he may find himself enjoying an upgraded living situation in Season 2, which will likely mean that he will share living quarters with Clark and Lois as they grow their friendships.

Jimmy Olsen, Flamebird, My Adventures With Superman

Matt Fraction's 2020 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen comics run put Jimmy in a position of wealth and power as he purchased the Daily Planet, something that could be replicated or insinuated as Season 2 of the series moves forward.

Jimmy Olsen, Daily Planet, DC Comics
DC Comics

Where Will Jimmy Olsen Go in Season 2?

With Jimmy Olsen coming into this kind of fortune thanks to his work alongside Superman, the expectation is that the trio should at least have an easier living situation, even with the world in danger thanks to new villains and challenges.

And with Season 2 already moving along fairly quickly in terms of development, Warner Bros. is likely fairly deep into the progress of working out where exactly Jimmy, Clark, and Lois will be upon their return.

Flamebird should only have the chance to grow exponentially in Season 2 now that Superman has a couple of iconic comic villains to deal with on Earth in Brainiac and General Zod.

And with the trio all now holding down steady jobs as Clark continues to evolve into his Superman persona, not even the sky may be the limit for what they'll be able to accomplish together.

Season 1 of My Adventures With Superman is now streaming in full on Max and Adult Swim.

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May 25, 2024
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