My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Gets Release Update from Producer

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Adult Swim and Max's My Adventures With Superman just got an exciting release update for its upcoming Season 2 run.

Jack Quaid's take on the Man of Steel is approaching the end of an exciting first season, taking on thrilling DC Comics villains like Livewire and Parasite while starting his alter-ego career at The Daily Planet.

My Adventures With Superman Gets Season 2 Update

My Adventures with Superman

My Adventures With Superman co-producer and writer Josephine Campbell provided an update on when Season 2 could potentially be released during an interview with the Superman Homepage YouTube channel.

Campbell wasn't able to confirm exactly when Season 2 would debut, but she mentioned that it was developed and made "around the same time" as Season 1 and teased that it will "blow people’s minds" when it arrives:

Superman Homepage (SH): "We’ve got the finale airing this week. Do we know when Season 2 is going to premiere?"

Campbell: “So, it’s not announced yet. And there’s nothing I can say until it’s announced. So, I was gonna say, the season premiere is coming out. Stay tuned for Season 2. We got the the wonderful task of being able to make them both around the same time and I’m very excited for this. There’s so much stuff in Season 2 that I think is gonna blow people’s minds. So yeah, just stay tuned, keep watching.”

When asked about the series' episode count, Campbell set into stone that "it’ll be 10 episodes like Season 1."

Tackling the chances of a potential third season, she hi that fans are "gonna be screaming from the rooftops" should it be confirmed, urging viewers to "keep watching" and tell others to do the same:

"So I think that, a little bit, it depends on everybody watching. We were so happy to have the two seasons picked up right away, so you know, honestly, if there’s a Season 3, all y’all are gonna be the first ones to know, because you’re gonna be screaming from the rooftops. So if you like it, keep watching, tell your friends to watch, re-watch on Max, re-watch when it’s on TV. The best chance to get any show picked up for another season is to watch it and to talk about how much you love it."

Campbell made it clear that she and the team "have so many plans" for future seasons, noting that storyboard artist Brendan Clogher has "a whole board in his house" for where the show could go:

"We have so many plans. We’ve got lots. We’ve got seasons upon seasons figured out. Brendan's got a whole board in his house that’s got all these ideas, so we could keep going."

Often with animated shows, a network will order two seasons to start off a given series that are worked on simultaneously, which could be a good sign for when My Adventures With Superman Season 2 will debut.

When Could My Adventures With Superman Season 2 Arrive?

With Josephine Campbell seemingly indicating that My Adventures With Superman Season 2 was developed side-by-side with Season 1, the odds are high that the next 10 episodes will hit Adult Swim and Max sooner rather than later.

The best bet right now is that the show is aiming to return for its second season potentially as soon as early 2024, with Campbell's quotes hinting that there isn't much work left to do until Season 2 is ready for release.

The biggest question remaining is what Max and Adult Swim will do in terms of promoting the series if the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes continue past the end of this year and into the next.

And with Superman already set for an epic ending as he takes on Amanda Waller, all with the fate of Metropolis in the balance, finding out what's in store for Season 2 will certainly have fans anxious to see how the Man of Steel's story continues.

The first nine adventures of My Adventures With Superman are available to stream on Max. Episode 10 premieres on Adult Swim on Friday, September 1.

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