Supergirl’s First DCEU Merch Officially Revealed

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Supergirl Sasha Calle DCEU

Following Sasha Calle's official unveiling as Supergirl in a new trailer for The Flash, the character was immortalized in her first official piece of merchandise.

Calle looks to finally take her place in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) as The Flash prepares for its June 2023 release, marking the heroine's first-ever appearance on the big screen after years of starring roles in DC Comics. 

While her specific arc is still a mystery, Calle saw her first official action in The Flash's Super Bowl LVII trailer, showing off her speed, strength, and heat vision. Considering that she's so new to the DCEU and to the legacy of all DC movies, she'll be an important piece of the marketing campaign moving forward as well.

Supergirl Promoted in New The Flash Merch

Funko unveiled pre-orders for two new Funko Pops! from Warner Bros.' The Flash, which feature Sasha Calle's Supergirl and Ezra Miller's Flash.

Calle's Kara Zor-El hovers in the air on her own platform in Funko form, with her Kryptonian garb and the accents on the suit being highlighted in her new figurine.

Supergirl, Funko Pop!
Entertainment Earth

The Pop! comes complete with its own collectible box as this new DCEU character gets her first big-screen appearance.

Pre-order the new Supergirl Funko Pop! here for $11.99 USD. The collectible will become available in March.

Supergirl, Funko Pop!
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This release comes only days after Supergirl saw her first action in the trailer for The Flash which debuted during Super Bowl LVII.

Supergirl, The Flash
Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen also gets his own new Pop!, showing off the yellow lightning that flows through his classic red super suit.

The Flash, Funko Pop!
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Barry also gets his own special collector's box for his Funko Pop!, highlighting the new figurine as fans get an up-close look at his lightning bolt and super suit.

Pre-order the new Flash Funko Pop! here for $11.99 USD. The collectible will be available in March as well.

The Flash, Funko Pop!
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Will Supergirl Help The Flash Movie Succeed?

Having Supergirl in The Flash will only help add another layer of depth to everything this story wants to tell, especially considering how deep into the Multiverse this movie will go.

With this being the heroine's first live-action movie, she'll play a huge role in getting fans excited for the DCEU's remaining slate of movies before massive changes take effect under James Gunn.

For the time being, it's unclear if The Flash will be Sasha Calle's only time playing Supergirl, especially with plans for the character to get her own story under new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

The two have already confirmed a Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie coming in the next few years, although it's still unknown if Calle will play the role under the franchise's new leadership.

But for now, she gets to enjoy having this new Funko Pop! focused on her heroine as fans gear up to see her soaring into action this summer.

The Flash will arrive in theaters on June 16.

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