The Flash Movie: Emotional New Teaser Video Released

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The Flash

A new TV spot for The Flash highlighted more of the DCU film's emotional story. 

Set to release on June 16, fans already know Barry Allen's motives in The Flash stem from personal heartbreak. 

However, Warner Bros.' latest marketing for the Ezra Miller-led Multiversal film suggests Barry's past isn't The Flash's only tragedy, and audiences should prepare for an emotional, as well as Multiversal, ride. 

The Flash's Emotional New Teaser 

In advertising the April 25 release of The Flash's second trailer, a new TV spot leaned into the film's gut-wrenching scenes. 

Despite being a brief five-second teaser, it's packed with a number of emotionally-charged moments, including a shot of Sasha Calle's Supergirl in mid-scream. 

The sound of Barry shouting, "No! Nobody dies!" culminates in a cut to the character, saying this to his alternate self. 

This is followed by a shot of Barry, seemingly in pain, as lightning courses through him. 

The full teaser can be seen below:

The Flash's Tragic Tone

While prior marketing and promotion for The Flash have teased a high-stakes story and one that will challenge all members of the Multiversal DC cast, this new TV spot was different. 

Through the various shots and choices of dialogue, it communicated a heavier, more devastating tone. 

The teaser also seemed to be a sort of preparation, not only for the April 25 trailer but for what the film itself may have in store. 

The Flash has long been intended to be a sort of franchise reset, but with James Gunn and Peter Safran rebooting the DCU, the future of The Flash and the film's cast of characters are in question. 

It will be interesting to see how and where the events of the film will leave its ensemble of characters and whether this story has a happy ending both on-screen and off. 

The Flash arrives in theaters on June 16.

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