The Flash Movie: New Merch Spoils 1 Crazy Scene

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The Flash, Barry Allen, Ezra Miller

New merchandise from the DCU's second movie of 2023, The Flash, spoiled a crazy scene featuring Ezra Miller's Barry Allen.

With only a few months remaining until The Flash finally hits theaters, fans are starting to see more new footage from the DCU's second movie of 2023, much of it coming from the trailer that debuted during Super Bowl LVII.

There was also plenty of spotlight on Michael Keaton's Batman, who will make a thrilling return to the cape and cowl as he lends his guidance to Ezra Miller's leading hero in his first DC appearance in more than three decades.

Following the excitement from that trailer, new footage highlighted Sasha Calle's Supergirl as the heroine makes her long-awaited big-screen debut, although there is still plenty more excitement waiting to make its way to the forefront as well.

New Merch Spoils Moment from The Flash

The Flash movie running

Instagram user @leonaardog shared a leaked image of a Funko Pop! that spoils a new scene from Warner Bros.' The Flash.

The Pop! shows Barry Allen running through the street and seemingly saving a number of infant children, with five babies floating in the air near the Scarlet Speedster.

This scene ties back to a leaked concept art image that showed Barry Allen running with his arms stretched out to catch a baby coming towards him in the air.

The Flash Showing Hero Skills in Crazy Scene

This spoiled moment only teases further how much Barry Allen's superpowers will be showcased throughout this movie, with his classic bright red suit being highlighted.

It's still unclear where exactly this baby scene will come into play during the movie, although it interestingly ties back to The Flash's working title, "Baby Shower." This moment could be a fun nod to that title, although there's a chance that it could also be utilized for a key hero moment before the movie dives into more Multiversal madness

With just over three months left until The Flash comes to theaters, new scenes like this will continue to come to light through promotional material, although Warner Bros. is sure to do anything it can to keep spoilers to a minimum.

The only mysteries after this will be how the new solo film helps usher in the new era of DCU storytelling and whether fans will see this version of the Flash at any point in the future.

The Flash will arrive in theaters on June 16.

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