The Flash Movie: Extra Footage of Affleck & Keaton's Batmen Released Online

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The Flash Super Bowl Spot

After the release of The Flash's full trailer, the Super Bowl spot for the film featured even more of the DC blockbuster.

Andy Muschietti's The Flash has been a long time coming, serving as somewhat of a "reset" for the DCU before James Gunn and Peter Safran's plan for the franchise truly kicks off.

While the film is set to focus on Ezra Miller's scarlet speedster, one of the selling points of The Flash for years at this point has been its inclusion of both Ben Affleck's and Michael Keaton's respective Batmen.

Whether it was the first DC Fandome teaser, or the latest full-length trailer, marketing for the film has featured a large focus on this pair of Batmen, a trend that does not seem to be going anywhere as fans get more looks at the Multiversal adventure.

Even More of The Flash at Super Bowl LVII

As a part of The Flash's Super Bowl LVII spot, new looks at Micheal Keaton's and Ben Affleck's Batmen have been made public.

The 'Big Game Spot' runs 50 seconds, showing off more of the Bat Cave (a locale that was featured in the film's first poster).

The Flash Bat Cave 1
DC Studios

Micheal Keaton's assortment of Bat Suits can be seen on full display as well. 

The Flash Bat Cave 2
DC Studios

Keaton's Dark Knight looks as though he will sport a new look, rocking long white hair as opposed to his traditional well-kept self.

The Flash Batman
DC Studios

And Keaton's Caped Crusader will not be alone in the super-powered epic, with Ben Affleck also donning the cape and cowl. 

Ben Affleck The Flash
DC Studios

The small tease also focused on more of what looks to be the film's climactic battle against Micheal Shannon's General Zod. 

The Flash 3
DC Studios

Ezra Miller's Barry Allen can be seen in the middle of the action, watching Zod's Kryptonian armada coming to Earth. 

The Flash 4
DC Studios

And the sneak peek sees Sasha Calle's Supergirl going up against Zod in a Man of Steel-esque showdown.

The Flash 5
DC Studios

Calle's DC hero even has a new line in this trailer screaming "Nooooooo!" at the top of her lungs.

The Flash 6
DC Studios

See the full spot below:

And here's the full two-minute-long trailer:

DC's Batman Future Beyond The Flash

It is an exciting prospect to not only see Ben Affleck's Dark Knight back for more DC in The Flash but also see the return of Micheal Keaton as the iconic DC hero.

And even though plans for both Keaton and Affleck's future with the franchise have fluctuated in recent years, with a game of super-powered 'Will they? Won't they?' being played, at present, it seems this will be the last go-round for both the actors in the role. 

So, the pair will have to go out with a bang!

Keaton looks like a whole new take on his classic hero, sporting this Dark Knight Returns long mop atop his head. This grizzled version of the Caped Crusader was something that Affleck tried exploring during his tenure in the role, so it is fascinating to see Keaton's hero going that way as well. 

Affleck's version of the hero looks as though he will get his fair share of fun in The Flash as well, racing around on his Bat Cycle in at least one action sequence. After the lackluster run, the actor had in the suit, it is nice to see that he may finally be in a DC hit with his last time (at least acting) in the DCU.

Of course, with The Brave and The Bold now on the official DC slate, it seems that a whole new Bruce Wayne will be introduced in the coming years. So, hopefully, Keaton and Affleck enjoy their one last victory lap around the super-powered track. 

The Flash races into theaters on June 16 later this year. 

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