First Poster for The Flash Reveals Michael Keaton’s Batman Presence

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The first official poster for The Flash was revealed, and it sports a massive call back to Micheal Keaton's Batman. 

Ezra Miller's DC epic has been a long time coming, as the film serves as a universe "reset" for the super-powered franchise

Back in 2021, fans got a teaser for the film, showcasing Keaton's caped crusader, Miller's Barry Allen/Flash, and even Supergirl (played by Sasha Calle). But a lot has changed since then. 

The project has gone through multiple iterations with hero cameos being put in and "stripped out" on a near-monthly basis. However, the DC marketing machine is slowly revving to life for the action-packed blockbuster, with teases of a full trailer on the way and a whole lot more.

Barry Allen in the Bat Cave

Ezra Miller's The Flash received its first teaser poster, kicking off the film's marketing campaign in earnest, and it features a pretty overt shout-out to 1989's Batman.

The Flash First Poster
Warner Bros.

The poster sees Miller's Barry Allen standing in what looks to be the Bat Cave, with Keaton's Batwing looming above the film's titular hero. 

Audiences were aware of the Dark Knight's presence in the upcoming film, but this is the first indication of how deeply his character will be leaned into for the film's marketing. 

A full trailer for The Flash is expected to debut sometime during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12. 

What To Learn From The Flash's First Poster

While not featuring any groundbreaking Easter eggs or surprise new characters, there is still a lot one can glean from this stunning poster. 

The biggest nugget fans should take away from seeing this first piece of marketing is the prominent presence of Keaton's Batman. The film may be called The Flash, but this seems to be a joint venture, being as much a Barry Allen movie as a Bruce Wayne movie

And given the public controversy surrounding Ezra Miller over the past year or so, it makes sense that Warner Bros. would want to perhaps shift the marketing focus away from the young hero as much as it can, instead leaning into the nostalgia factor of the classic Dark Knight. 

Of course, Miller's main character will be the center of everything, but it seems likely fans will get a lot more Batman leading up to release than may have initially been planned. 

And with newly-appointed DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn's recent comments calling The Flash "one of the greatest superhero movies ever," anticipation for the film seems to be riding a high right that Warner Bros. will try to capitalize on as it moves further into its Flash-focused promotional push. 

The Flash is set to race into theaters worldwide on June 16.  

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