First Look at Michael Keaton's Batman Return In The Flash (Photos)

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Michael Keaton as Batman

The Flash's new trailer featured the first exciting footage of Michael Keaton's Batman.

Although The Flash has been swamped in controversies due to its lead star Ezra Miller, anticipation is still high for the upcoming DCEU movie, and one of the reasons is the presence of Keaton's classic Dark Knight. 

Marketing for the blockbuster has highlighted Gotham's protector with promotional images showcasing the best looks at Batman's suit.

It is unknown thought how Batman fits in The Flash, but its first teaser revealed that he will have a significant role. 

The Flash Unveils First Footage of Michael Keaton’s Batman

Warner Bros. officially unveiled the first full trailer for The Flash, showcasing a fresh look at Michael Keaton's Batman in-action alongside the titular Scarlet Speedster. 

The trailer showed Keaton saying his iconic "I'm Batman" line while also featuring glimpses of the hero battling different enemies:

Michael Keaton as Batman, The Flash
Warner Bros.

A closer look at Keaton's Bat-suit was also revealed:

Michael Keaton as Batman, The Flash
Warner Bros.

The first look at Bruce Wayne's Bat closet was also unveiled in the Big Game Spot: 

Warner Bros.

Watch the official trailer below: 

Why Michael Keaton's Batman Returns in The Flash

Michael Keaton's Batman makes a triumphant return to the DC Universe (DCU) in The Flash, and the trailer cements the idea that his comeback is more than just a cameo. 

The Flash is also poised to pay tribute to what came before, as Keaton is wearing his Dark Knight costume from Tim Burton's Batman movies, using his iconic Batman voice, and gets to sport Danny Elfman's original Batman theme. 

Based on what's been revealed so far, it looks like Ezra Miller's Flash is trapped in the world of Keaton's Batman, which they described as a "world without metahumans." 

Given that Keaton's Dark Knight is already a veteran hero in this world and considering the Flash's close ties to Ben Affleck's Batman, it isn't surprising that Barry Allen will go out of his way to seek the assistance of Bruce Wayne. 

Ultimately, the meeting between the two Barrys and Bruce will lead to the formation of a new Justice League that The Flash director Andy Muschietti already confirmed. 

The action-packed trailer showed that Keaton's Batman is still an expert in combat, going through several mercenaries while also hinting at his ability to strategize during missions. 

His abilities would prove valuable as the new Justice League will look to duke it out against a reborn General Zod (Michael Shannon) who's seeking to take Earth as his own. 

The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on June 16. 

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