The Flash Movie Will Feature a NEW Justice League, Confirms Director

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Ezra Miller as The Flash, Justice League

As The Flash's exploration of the Multiverse is expected to introduce new worlds, director Andy Muschietti has confirmed that the movie will also feature a  fresh version of DC's Justice League

Although the DCU is heading for a reboot, The Flash is still set to unravel the secrets of the Multiverse. Marketing for the movie has yet to ramp up, but it has been known to include several established heroes, such as Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck's Batmen

While Henry Cavill's cameo as Superman was reportedly scrapped, Sasha Calle's Supergirl is poised to be pushed at the forefront alongside a returning Man Of Steel villain in Michael Shannon's General Zod

The Flash Director Teases New Justice League

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As per a recently-surfaced featurette for The Flash, director Andy Muschietti described the film's Justice League as "not the powerful" team that fans know: 

"We are presenting [a] Justice League that is not the powerful Justice League that we all know."

Muschietti then made a rundown of the team's members, namely Michael Keaton's Batman, Sasha Calle's Supergirl, and the two versions of Barry Allen: 

"As Bruce Wayne said, it’s like a retired vigilante, a half-solar-powered alien, and two idiots.”

The Direct previously revealed that the "other" Barry Allen will serve as the movie's primary villain, acting as a "Dark Flash" antagonist to Ezra Miller's displaced Barry Allen.

In the same featurette, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics Jim Lee explained why the Multiverse is essential to telling the story of The Flash

"The great story at DC involves the Multiverse, meaning [there’s] an infinite number of Earths. There could be different versions of these characters and really explore different stories. The Flash is synonymous to the Multiverse."

The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti also confirmed that Gal Gadot will return as Wonder Woman while explaining why Keaton decided to return as the Dark Knight:

Andy Muschietti: "It’s a dream. Being able to work with this cast like [Ben] Affleck,[Michael] Keaton…"

Miller: "There are multiple Batmans…"

Barbara Muschietti: "[Michael] Keaton said that he’d love to be Batman again. He knows that Batman like no one else does."

Miller: "Batsman. There’s more than one Batman."

Barbara Muschietti: "Then we have Sasha Calle…"

Sasha Calle: "Everything is the coolest, most exciting thing for me."

Andy Muschietti: "Michael Shannon plays Zod…"

Barbara Muschietti: "Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman."

Will This New Justice League Defeat the Evil Flash?

Andy Muschietti's latest comments suggest that this new version of Justice League will be underdogs in the movie. This seems plausible since the team will most likely be formed during the film's events, meaning they will not be familiar with each other. 

In addition, considering a past report that the "other" Barry Allen will be the movie's main villain, this new Justice League is more vulnerable than ever since the evil variant had the opportunity to scout his former teammates' strengths and weaknesses. 

Given that Zod is involved, this not-so-powerful Justice League may come out on top against the Man of Steel villain before facing the real threat.

Still, the expertise of Michael Keaton's Batman combined with the untapped potential of both Supergirl and the DCEU's Flash could be the right formula for defeating an evil (and deadly) speedster. 

The Flash premieres in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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