The Flash Movie's Batman Cameos Receive Exciting Update

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The Flash, Batman, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck

Supposedly, fans should start getting super excited for The Flash, as it's not only testing well but also includes plenty of DCU Multiverse cameos, including, obviously, Michael Keaton's Batman.

The Flash has been quite the headache for Warner Bros up to this point. The movie’s lead, Ezra Miller, has been in more than a handful of news reports that bring up their name alongside words such as robbery, grooming, and cults.

But the speedster isn’t the only character who has had trouble. Ben Affleck’s future as the Caped Crusader has long been a mystery, even though the star has tried to claim he truly is done—despite recently filming reshoots for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Then there’s Michael Keaton’s Batman, who will be returning after thirty years. Following the cancelation of Batgirl and the installation of a new regime (including new Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav and DCU co-lead James Gunn), the nature of his role going forward is another big unknown.

While fans await those answers, it sounds like the Batmen’s part in the upcoming film is worth the wait.

An Exciting Update for Batman and The Flash

Flash, Batman, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton

A new report from Deadline indicates that The Flash stands up next to Spider-Man: No Way Home in terms of the level of Multiversal material, which in the DC movie revolves around Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck's Batman cameos. According to sources, Ezra Miller's film is also positively testing "through the roof" with audiences at early screenings.

It's apparently so good that the movie's release date has officially been moved up a week to June 16, 2023, putting it on Father's Day weekend—a fitting space given the storyline between Barry Allen and his father.

The film will be going up against Disney's Elemental and Sony's R-rated Jennifer Lawrence movie, No Hard Feelings.

What Is the Future of Batman?

Sadly, while there was once hope that Ben Affleck might not actually be done as Bruce Wayne, the actor recently made a worrisome announcement. Both he and Matt Damon revealed their own production company, one which the Batman actor would be acting with exclusively.

On the surface, this could mean that the option for him to return as the Dark Knight simply isn’t there. On the other hand, the new commitment might only be meant for new roles.

As for Keaton, previously, the rumor was that he’d be the DCU’s main Batman going forward. It’s not known if that remains the case.

Hopefully, fans will get everything they want and more from the various Batmen in The Flash because Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav revealed that he hopes to clean up WB’s Batman situation—meaning there won’t be four different Dark Knights at the same time.

Could James Gunn and Peter Safran have their own Caped Crusader in mind? Maybe they’ll also keep Robert Pattinson’s hero around as well, with the Reeves-verse existing on its own.

The Flash will hit theaters on June 16, 2023.

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