Henry Cavill’s Deleted Flash Movie Cameo Revealed

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As Henry Cavill prepares to hang the cape as DC's Superman, new details about his supposed cameo in The Flash have been revealed. 

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn surprised everyone when he confirmed via Twitter that Cavill would no longer be the DCU's Superman as the much-talked-about superhero franchise is set to introduce a new actor to play the Man of Steel. 

Cavill then shared his reaction to the news, noting that he respects that they "have a universe to build" and wishes them the best in that endeavor. 

Still, many are wondering if Cavill will appear in Ezra Miller's The Flash next year, especially after the confirmation that Man of Steel villain actor Michael Shannon is included in the movie. 

However, the DCU reset may have also affected Cavill's appearance in the Multiverse-related movie, but a new update has revealed how the actor would've factored in its story. 

Henry Cavill's Superman Cameo in The Flash Explained

Superman and Flash in Justice League movie

As per The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez, Henry Cavill was paid $250,000 for his "now-deleted" Clark Kent scene at the end of The Flash while also receiving the same amount for his post-credits cameo in Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam

Geeks Worldwide's KC Walsh then corrected Mayimbe's tweet by noting that Cavill's scrapped scene in The Flash wasn't as Clark Kent. Instead, the actor portrayed Superman in the Speed Force, and Barry sees him and says, “Oh, this is where you’ve been the whole time.”

Walsh clarified that Superman's scene "wasn't at the very end" of the movie, as some fans have speculated.

Is DC Doing the Right Thing to Scrap Henry Cavill's Cameo?

Seeing Henry Cavill return as Superman one more time in The Flash would've been an exciting prospect for fans, considering that it would've been a fitting goodbye for his iteration of the character. Unfortunately, if rumors are true, this won't happen. 

However, some would agree that it's for the best since another appearance from Cavill would prolong the diehard fans' agony. If retained, the actor's cameo in The Flash could also lead to confusion for casual moviegoers, especially after the news of Cavill's retirement as the DC hero has started to create buzz online

It is unknown when DC Studios head James Gunn will announce Cavill's replacement as the DCU's Superman. The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker filmmaker already revealed that the franchise's movie slate will be announced "at the beginning of the new year," meaning that the new Superman actor could not be far behind.

Suppose Gunn will announce the new Superman actor as early as January or February 2023; then, in that case, it's safe to assume that Cavill's supposed cameo in The Flash will no longer happen to avoid confusion. 

The Flash premieres in theaters on June 16, 2023.

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