DC Studios Announces When New Movie Slate Will Get Revealed

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Newly anointed DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn officially shed light on when fans can expect a first glimpse at the new DC Universe slate. 

Gunn, along with his DC Studios co-head Peter Safran, has just taken over the wheel of Warner Bros.' (WB) super-powered franchise, in an attempt to, hopefully, reinvigorate plans of an inter-connected cinematic costumed universe. 

Since taking over, Gunn and Safran have only hinted at what they are planning for the DCU, teasing "the biggest story ever told."  This new approach from the pair has meant the DC Studios-leading duo has had to make some difficult decisions, and with these cuts of heroes and the scrapping of movies all fans have sat in the dark, knowing nearly nothing of what is to come.

Well, it seems as though James Gunn has hinted at when audiences can hope to get their first taste of this new era of the DCU.

The DCU Slate is Coming

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DC Studios co-head James Gunn revealed on Twitter when fans can officially expect more news regarding the DCU's rebooted slate. 

In a tweet, Gunn posted saying "a DC slate [is] ready to go," and fans will get their first look at these new plans "at the beginning of the new year:"

"Peter & I have a DC slate ready to go, which we couldn’t be more over-the-moon about; we’ll be able to share some exciting information about our first projects at the beginning of the new year."

This corroborates recent reports that an official reveal of Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran's updated DCU slate would be coming in "the next two months," pointing to a January 2023 reveal date. 

When will Fans See Gunn's DCU Vision?

As has been previously reported, it seems as though fans are mere weeks away from getting their first real good glimpse at James Gunn and Peter Safran's DCU plan. Sure, the pair of DC executives won't share everything they have in store with their "ten-year plan," but it will be a welcome site for many to even get just a peek at what is in store. 

 This is going to be a process, and while Gunn says he and Safran "a DC slate ready to go," surely there are still specifics to lock down like casting and directors. 

One has to remember, the pair only took over the franchise less than two months ago. It feels likely that Gunn and Safran would have had to have some sort of plan in mind when they pitched their candidacy to WB, but it seems a little fast for the pair to have a beat-for-beat decade-long story ready to go. 

It has been mentioned that the first film from Gunn and Safran's DC Studio slate would come after Aquaman 2, meaning it would likely be sometime in early 2024. But if that were to be the case, the team would have to get things started and cameras rolling pretty fast.

For now, it feels as though, come January audiences will at least get a taste of where things are going with the DCU. 

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