James Gunn Teases DC's 'Biggest Story Ever Told' In Upcoming Movies & Shows

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James Gunn, Justice League

Possibly alluding to DC Comic's Greatest Stories Ever Told series, James Gunn promised that the DC Universe will play the hits moving forward. 

Ever since Warner Bros. Discovery's hiring of James Gunn and Peter Safran as the co-CEOs of DC Films in late October, there has been a buzz in the air for the blue brand. 

Gunn is not only a fan-favorite filmmaker for both DC and Marvel fans, but he is also one of the most transparent creatives in comic book movie history. 

In a thread of tweets addressing the recent campaign to revive DC's Legends of Tomorrow and the director's cut of 2016's Suicide Squad, Gunn seems to be promising a bright future for DC storytelling. 

James Gunn Promises Great Things Ahead for DC 

James Gunn, Justice League, Suicide Squad

In a string of five different tweets speaking to all DC fans and addressing recently revived campaigns to #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow and #ReleaseTheAyerCut, Co-CEO of DC Films James Gunn promised that his and Peter Safran's focus is "telling the Biggest Story Ever Told" across all mediums:

"But all our initial focus is on the story going forward, hammering out the new DCU, & telling the Biggest Story Ever Told across multiple films, television shows, & animated projects."

Gunn continued to "invite all of the DC Fandoms" as they embark on a new era of the DC Universe:

"We invite all of the DC fandoms from across the multiverse - and everyone else as well - into this new universe. We can't wait to reveal more."

Along with these tweets, Gunn also stressed the importance of transparency and access to the fans which has been lacking in this franchise's management in the past. 

What Are the New DCU's 'Biggest Stories Ever Told'? 

While it is not uncommon for showrunners to suggest their stories are the "biggest stories" ever told, the wording and grammar of this tweet might suggest a deeper meaning. 

The Greatest Stories Ever Told are a series of collected edition comic books compiling the best stories told for DC characters, teams, and other various subjects. The series launched in 1987, ran into the '90s, was revived in 2004, and was later replaced by the Celebration Collection. 

James Gunn tweeted that his focus is on the "Best Stories Ever Told," which is not the same title as the collected editions, but the title capitalization seems like a classic James Gunn deep-cut Easter egg. 

On the surface, this could mean that James Gunn and Peter Safran plan to tell great stories as they usher in the new era of DC Films.

If fans wanted to dig a little deeper, this could also mean that James Gunn is aiming to get back to the roots of what makes the DC Universe great.

The DCEU of old was a compilation of hyper-dramatized Snyder films, studio interfered Marvel knockoff attempts, and a dash of the beautifully twisted mind of James Gunn. 

If the deeper meaning of this tweet is true, look for the goal of this new regime in charge of the blue brand to focus on inspiring and uplifting characters, emotional and complex stories, and a variety of tones and themes. 

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