James Gunn Shares Romantic Superman Art While Writing New Movie

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James Gunn Superman DC

Newly-anointed DC Studios head James Gunn may have just given fans a peek at what comic inspirations he is drawing from when writing his Superman movie script. 

After just about two months since taking over Warner Bros.' DCU alongside longtime Hollywood executive Peter Safran, Gunn has slowly started to reveal what he has planned for the super-powered franchise. 

A key pillar of this has been Superman/Clark Kent. After confirming longtime Supes actor Henry Cavill would not be moving forward with the film series, Gunn told the world that he is writing a new Superman movie, and it would focus on "an earlier part of [the hero's] life."

Now, as Gunn seemingly works away on his Superman script, the filmmaker may have just teased fans with a look at what to expect in this new take on Kal-El. 

Superman's Trip to the Moon

DC Studios co-CEO, and writer of the next Superman film, James Gunn shared a curious Superman-focused comics panel as he preps his new version of the Man of Steel. 

Gunn recently took to his Instagram stories, sharing one of comic artist Tom King's panels of Superman, as posted on King's personal Instagram, sitting alongside Lois Lane on the Moon. 

James Gunn Superman Instagram

The panel comes from Superman: Up in the Sky, a comic story in which DC's famous Kryptonian takes Lois on a date to the Moon. The moment shows the couple embracing and "[watching] the Earth rise."

Superman Up in the Sky Moon
DC Comics

While details on Gunn's Superman project remain scarce, this could be a hint to where the director-turned-executive could be looking for inspiration for his latest script. 

In the past Gunn has sung Tom King's praises on a number of occasions, using words like "masterpiece" and "beautiful" to describe the DC Comics veteran's work. 

What Could Gunn's Superman Post Mean?

It is hard to decipher just what James Gunn has planned for the DCU. If one were to use every social media post, like, and reply from the DC Studios head as an indication of what his grand master plan is at DC, they would have a list of heroes, villains, and storylines longer than Gunn's extensive resume. 

However, this particular Superman post feels like it has a bit more significance than some of the others. Gunn has already noted how much he adores King's work, so it would make sense for the DC Comics author to serve as inspiration for some of these upcoming DCU stories, especially one Gunn is writing.

And Warner Bros.' film franchise could be better for an injection of King-esque storytelling. When it comes to Superman specifically, King gets the character on a level some just don't.

He brings a level of heart to his Clark Kent stories. This tonal milieu feels like it could be a nice departure from the darker Superman fare fans saw in the Snyderverse. 

If this panel is any indication, fans are in for something more Superman (1978) than Man of Steel when it comes to James Gunn's take on the character. 

It is unknown when the James Gunn-written Superman film will release. However, audiences can expect some news from DC Studios' new regime early in the new year

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