Henry Cavill's Upcoming DC Movie Cameo Gets Disappointing Update (Rumor)

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Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

While fans were hoping to get one more go with Henry Cavill's portrayal of Superman, a disappointing update came regarding the Man of Steel's upcoming cameo appearance in The Flash.

In late 2022, new DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn officially confirmed that Cavill's time playing Clark Kent had come to an end, revealing that his new Superman movie in the DCU would feature a younger version of the titular hero.

This was especially disappointing considering he had just made a cameo in the mid-credits scene from Black Adam, which also came alongside rumors that he was in line to appear in The Flash a few months later.

New Update on Henry Cavill's Next DC Cameo

Geeks Worldwide's KC Walsh shared the latest update on the status of Henry Cavill's cameo as Superman in DC Studios' The Flash.

Responding to a fan asking about Cavill's inclusion in the film, Walsh revealed that the footage is repurposed from Justice League and that his Speedforce scene includes nothing new that was filmed:

"Cavill does appear in the Speedforce but it’s just repurposed 'JL' footage, not the big surprise"

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Another fan asked what happened to the scene that Cavill was rumored to have filmed at the same time as his Black Adam cameo, with Walsh revealing that this scene won't be in The Flash:

"They did but that scene is gone, now it’s just old 'JL' footage"

This also comes after reports from the end of 2022 hinted that his cameo in The Flash had been left on the cutting room floor.

Has Cavill's Time as Superman Officially Ended?

This is far from the first time that Henry Cavill has had a cameo as Superman removed from a DC movie, as the same thing happened in 2019's Shazam! when the character was only seen as a headless anonymous figure.

And even with The Flash's synopsis directly referencing Cavill's Man of Steel, it's still disappointing to see that none of the new footage he filmed will be used for one of the final films in this era of DC storytelling.

The Flash will at least have a little bit of Kryptonian influence with Sasha Calle's Supergirl included, as the first trailer for the movie even noted specifically that it isn't Clark who jumps into the action.

And while Cavill has at least spoken with DC Studios brass about the future, it appears that his Black Adam post-credits scene will be the end of the road for this version of the red-caped alien.

The Flash will debut in theaters on July 16.

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