Henry Cavill's 2023 DC Cameo Reportedly Revealed

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Henry Cavill Superman

A new report supposedly revealed Henry Cavill's 2023 DCU cameo after making his return as Superman in this year's Black Adam

A lot is changing at DC Studios, as James Gunn and Peter Safran come in to bring about a new era of the DCU. 

Cavill's return to Warner Bros.' (WB) super-power franchise nearly coincided with the changing of the DCU guard, with many thinking it must mean a Man of Steel 2 was in the works, and the actor was back for good. 

Insiders have commented on the idea of a Man of Steel sequel, noting that the film could be "going into production... real soon." However, the internal DC shake-up has reportedly slowed these plans a bit, as WB "[fine-tunes] their long-range plan for the DCU."

With audiences still reeling from seeing Cavill back in the saddle as Superman, many are itching to see when his Kryptonian will show up again on the big screen. Well, it seems as though he has at least shot one cameo for a 2023 DC Studios blockbuster. 

Superman Back in The Flash

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Henry Cavill's Superman has filmed a cameo for next June's The Flash.

The outlet revealed that the actor has shot scenes for the DCU epic in September. But now, Warner Bros. is seemingly unsure if they want to include the footage or not, as they do not want to make any promises they can't keep or give fans any false hope that the hero is back for good. 

THR's sources say that The Flash remains unlocked and no final decision on Cavill's Kryptonian has been made. 

What Does This Mean for Cavill’s Superman?

While the prospect of seeing Cavill in next year's supposed DC franchise reset, The Flash, is exciting, it should be concerning that Warner Bros. is stuck humming and hawing about whether to actually include the actor in the film. 

If the studio were committed to Cavill and his take on the character, they would be rushing to put him in as many movies as possible, including a Multiversal adventure like The Flash. But the fact that they are still undecided about whether to include the actor or not seems a little bizarre. 

It feels as though Cavill's return was something the studio was almost forced into with Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson "[demanding]" the hero be brought back for his super-powered blockbuster. Now, WB is left with the consequences with no certainty in its plans for the actor. 

As the DCU goes through this time of change, it felt as though Cavill's Superman was going to be one of the carryovers from the past era of DC filmmaking, but it's these reports of trepidation that make it feel like his time back in the tights may end sooner than it began. 

Whether Cavill's cameo makes the final cut or not, The Flash hits theaters worldwide on June 16, 2023

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