The Flash: First Glimpse of Henry Cavill's Superman Cameo Revealed

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Henry Cavill Superman Flash

Henry Cavill's Superman was spotted in a new trailer for The Flash.

To the disappointment of many, Cavill's Man of Steel is on the way out of the DCEU, with the actor set to be recast for James Gunn's Superman: Legacy.

The DCU recast comes after the actor made his first new appearance as Superman in five years with his post-credits cameo in Black Adam, setting up a now-abandoned conflict to come with Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero.

Cavill was expected to have one more DC cameo this year, this time with his Superman appearing within The Flash's Speed Force. However, that moment, unfortunately, appears to have been left on the cutting room floor.

Henry Cavill's Superman Returns in The Flash Cameo

The new Korean trailer for The Flash included several new snippets of footage from the upcoming blockbuster, with one notable scene showing off a cameo from Henry Cavill's DCEU Superman.

The scene sees Ezra Miller's Barry Allen waiting for a sandwich in a cafe before receiving a call from Jeremy Irons' Alfred about a "robbery gone wrong" and another from Ben Affleck's Batman to say, "I need you here now Barry."

Ezra Miller in The Flash

While this conversation happens, a television displays footage of Cavill's Superman flying around a volcano and using his heat vision.

volcano on TV screen in The Flash, Superman cameo

The clip is displayed on a breaking news report as a "volcano erupts in Guatemala" and Superman seemingly assists in the incident.

Superman cameo in The Flash

Unfortunately, Cavill's face cannot be seen in the cameo, but as the news report comes from the original DCEU universe where Affleck's Batman and Irons' Alfred are still in play, it's clear this is this version of Superman.

With members of the Justice League including Affleck's Batman, Miller's Flash, and potentially Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman getting involved in this "robbery gone wrong," this faceless cameo may have been shown to explain the absence of the Man of Steel in this team-up moment. 

The new Korean trailer for The Flash can be seen below:

Why Henry Cavill's Superman Exit Is So Disappointing 

In one way or another, The Flash was always intended to be the movie to bid farewell to the old DCEU and usher in a new era. But as Warner Bros. and DC have gone through a number of regime changes since the Multiverse flick was filmed, the new universe it sets up has evolved more than once too.

At one point, Sasha Calle's Supergirl was expected to take over from Henry Cavill's Superman as the main live-action Kryptonian. But then the Man of Steel actor returned to shoot cameos for Black Adam and The Flash, seemingly throwing that plan out the window in favor of more Superman stories.

But now, it seems likely The Flash will leave the current status of this universe and its heroes somewhat ambiguous, laying the groundwork for James Gunn and Peter Safran to work without prior baggage when they begin their new DCU reboot.

Ben Affleck's Batman will seemingly receive a fitting goodbye with The Flash, which he has even called some of his best work as the DC hero. So it's unfortunate Cavill's Superman won't get the same graceful exit, with his tenure instead set to end with the promise of a story that will never come to pass through his Black Adam cameo.

Based on prior clips, after the Flash messes with the Multiverse and finds himself on the same Earth as Michael Keaton's Batman, the first person he will go looking for will be Cavill's Superman. However, that won't be the Kryptonian he ends up finding, with this being the pretext for his meeting and team-up with Supergirl.

With The Flash set to be packed with Multiversal surprises within the Speed Force, it's unclear why Cavill's newly-filmed cameo had to be scrapped. But on the plus side, on top of the faceless news report cameo, rumors claim Cavill will still show up in the Speed Force via repurposed Justice League footage.

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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