The Flash: New Clip Shows Henry Cavill's Superman on a Mission

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Ezra Miller's Flash, Henry Cavill's Superman

A new look at a scene from The Flash gave a full look at Superman’s brief cameo in the film.

The Flash finally hits theaters imminently! After years in development and a release date delay or two, the Scarlet Speedster is ready to race onto the big screen.

The movie is said to be host to a great many cameos from around the DC Multiverse. Recently a trailer for the movie showed a quick glimpse of the Henry Cavill version of Superman but didn’t offer much context for his appearance.

The Flash Shows a Superman on a Mission

A new clip from DC’s The Flash (via JoBlo Superheroes on YouTube) shows Barry Allen in line at a sandwich shop waiting for his lunch when he gets a call from Alfred Pennyworth. 

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash

Alfred alerts Barry to a robbery for which he needs to suit up and stop. Allen, late for work as it is, frantically asks if Superman can do it, to which the butler replies, “That was my first thought. Sadly, he’s otherwise engaged.”

Jeremy IRons as Alfred Pennyworth in The Flash

Barry glances at a nearby TV and notices a news report of Clark in the thick of it in Guatemala, using his heat vision to seal off an erupting volcano. Otherwise engaged, indeed!

Superman in The Flash

Superman was actually rumored to have a larger role in Flash but his role was reportedly cut. His Man of Steel adversary General Zod does have a part to play in the new film, however.

The full clip can be watched below:

What’s Superman’s On-Screen Future Going To Be Like?

It became clear last fall that despite Henry Cavill’s much-discussed post-credits cameo in Black Adam, the actor’s time as Superman was over.

This is largely due to the DC Universe undergoing a reboot of sorts, overseen by the new co-CEOS of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran. With Barry Allen reportedly shaking up the Multiverse in a big way in The Flash, it’s incredibly likely that it’s the last time Cavill’s incarnation of Supes will be seen or referenced.

But fans of the Last Son of Krypton shouldn’t worry too much, because Superman: Legacy, a rebooted take on the character written and directed by Gunn, is slated to hit theaters in 2025. The casting process for Clark, Lois, and other key characters has been underway for a while now.

Television’s own Superman & Lois series, though, is likely on the verge of cancellation by The CW, as the network looks to move into other types of programming.

It’s a bit discouraging though, that The Flash is pulling what several other recent DC projects have done, by just showing Superman from a distance and not actually shooting any scenes with Henry Cavill. But such is the nature of the business.

The Flash arrives in theaters everywhere on Friday, June 16.

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