First Clip for The Flash Movie References Henry Cavill's Superman

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Henry Cavill’s Superman, Flash

The Flash's latest clip featured a reference to Henry Cavill's Superman.

While Cavill will no longer portray Superman in James Gunn's DCU, there has been consistent buzz that The Flash movie could at least acknowledge the actor's version of the iconic hero.

This comes after the trailers of the Ezra Miller-led film already showed that Man of Steel villain, General Zod, is confirmed to show up. 

A past rumor then claimed that Cavill was supposed to have a cameo as Superman in The Flash, but it has been deleted. Still, the movie's official synopsis managed to make a subtle reference to Cavill's DCEU Superman. 

The Flash Clip Highlights Batman's Mention of Superman

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
The Flash

Rotten Tomatoes officially released a new clip from The Flash, with the footage focusing on the two Barry Allen's inside the Batcave of Michael Keaton's Batman. 

The short clip starts with Ezra Miller's Barry Allen from the DCEU taking off the covers of the Bat computer while the younger Barry gets perplexed upon seeing the Batmobile.

The Flash

The two Barry Allens are amazed when the Bat-Wing was showcased. 

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
The Flash

The clip ends with Keaton's Batman telling the two Barry Allens that he'll agree to help them to find his world's Superman, seemingly indicating that he's referring to Henry Cavill's version from the DCEU:

“I’ll help you get this Superman. Then, you’re on your own.”

Michael Keaton as Batman
The Flash

Watch the clip below: 

Will Henry Cavill’s Superman Make a Surprise Appearance?

Based on previous reports and rumors, there's a slim chance that Henry Cavill's Superman would appear in The Flash

The trailers already showed that Sasha Calle's Supergirl is the main Kryptonian who will be featured alongside the two Barry Allens and Michael Keaton's Batman against General Zod and his forces. 

In fact, one scene from the trailer even showed Ezra Miller's main Barry Allen telling Kara that she's "not Clark [Kent]," indicating that they are indeed expecting Cavill's Superman to show up and not Kara Zor-El. 

If Cavill's Man of Steel will not show up in the movie, then it's possible that his space pod from Krypton didn't reach Earth or it gets stuck in a different realm like the Phantom Zone (which coincidentally where Zod was imprisoned).

Still, the film could surprise everyone by highlighting Henry Cavill's Superman one last time even for a brief scene at some point in the movie or during its post-credits scene. 

The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on Friday, June 16.

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