First Look at Michael Keaton's Unmasked Batman in The Flash Movie Merch (Photos)

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Michael Keaton, Batman, The Flash

Fans now have their first look at Michael Keaton's Batman, unmasked, thanks to some new merchandise for Ezra Miller's The Flash film.

Keaton's return has been public knowledge for a while now, but audiences only just got a good look at him in action thanks to the Super Bowl trailer in February.

Not too long after, an image surfaced online that showcased the actor as his hero's other half: Bruce Wayne. For many, seeing the actor back was a pinch-me-type moment.

It's hard to believe that it's 2023, and Michael Keaton is about to embody Batman once more.

Even better? Fans can buy some cool action figures to immortalize the moment.

Michael Keaton Gets Merchandise

New merchandise for The Flash showcased Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne unmasked in his Batsuit.

The first collectible is a Funko Pop! that showed Keaton unmasked in his work uniform. For those who want to pre-order this piece, here's the link to do so.

Batman, Michael Keaton

For something a little more poseable, there's this figure under the MacFarlane Gold Label Collection.

Batman, Michael Keaton

The Target exclusive figure will no doubt please collectors of this type and scale of collectibles

Batman, Michael Keaton

The details could probably use some work, but the suit itself looks great, and the slight redesign hasn't lost its original look.

The Direct Image

Does Michael Keaton Have a Future in the DCU?

With Keaton starring as Batman in The Flash, audiences will likely be wondering if he is going to play a big part in the DCU going forward.

Well, he was. Popular rumors claimed he'd become the main Batman in the universe that Barry Allen ends up in at the end of his solo movie.

From there, he'd go on to be in the now-canceled Batgirl film, and at one point, Keaton supposedly had a small part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

There's a timeline out there where he could've gotten another solo movie as the Dark Knight over 30 years after his last.

With James Gunn's new soft reboot, Ezra Miller's upcoming project might be Keaton's only time returning as the Caped Crusader. Instead, the filmmaker is looking to introduce his own new take on the iconic hero.

While this direction will no doubt disappoint many, it's important to be happy that Keaton returned in the first place—even if only for a moment.

The Flash hits theaters on June 16 later this year.

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