First Look at Michael Keaton’s Old Bruce Wayne In The Flash Movie

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June's The Flash will bring back to the big screen at least two fan-favorite Batmen of movies past, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton.

Thanks especially to the latter of the two, fans will have the opportunity to see Bruce Wayne at a later stage in life — an era not as commonly explored in Batman media compared to Bruce's younger days.

As such, Keaton's return to the role has excited fans interested in seeing the Dark Knight all grown up, something teased in The Flash's first trailer.

With all the trailer clips showing Keaton wearing the cape and cowl, it was not as easy to see the difference since Keaton's original portrayal — jaw notwithstanding.

The First Look Under Keaton's Cowl

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in Batman
Michael Keaton in 1989's Batman

An image has surfaced online that gives fans their first look at Michael Keaton playing Bruce Wayne, without his face-covering cowl, in DC's upcoming The Flash.

The image shows Bruce mid-work on a control panel, expressing an intense emotion, though without context, it is unclear if it is excitement, anger, or something else entirely.

In 2021, a set photo gave a glimpse at Keaton on The Flash set with other main characters, though he appears to be wearing a suit and to be presenting himself more outwardly put-together than in the new shot.

An Older Bruce Wayne

Not only will it be exciting to see an older take on Bruce's character in the upcoming film, but also it will be interesting to see how Keaton's Batman interacts with Ben Affleck's Batman, as they both will be appearing in the movie.

It is worth wondering if the Batmen interactions with the cowl will differ from those without the cowl — maybe the younger Bruce is more athletically capable and better in a fight, while the older Bruce is better at playing the part of playboy Brucie Wayne, changing their dynamic depending on the personas they are playing.

Regardless, it is exciting to see Keaton return to the role, whether as the dark vigilante or the ditzy billionaire.

The Flash will release in theaters on June 16.

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